Angel Crest Gardens

Angel Crest Gardens

Angel Crest Gardens is a unique business located five miles west of Port Angeles, Washington on Highway 112. We started in the summer of 1998 selling bouquets of dahlias on a small table beside our mailbox. Customers made their own change from a butter carton of coins left for their convenience.


In 2003 I resigned from my "real" work and took on the Angel Crest Gardens business full time. My parents moved to Washington to join us here on the place, and several wonderful friends and neighbors have added to our efforts, some as employees and some as volunteers.

Since then, we have grown to include more seasonal U-Serve roadside stands located in Port Angeles and in Clallam county, plus a plant nursery specializing in hanging baskets, porch pots, and perennials Grandma used to grow. We are doing more with specialty and odd petunias and with geraniums. We still have our cutting field from which we gather blossoms for our bouquets, our wedding and special occasion customers, and, sporadically, our Port Angeles business flower route. Our home business site roadside stand is open year around serving both nursery and cut flower customers. We grow almost all of our own plants from seeds or babies. The business moto is "Simple. Serene. Something Different."

All of us who work here have ideas for making this world an even more beautiful place for everyone to share. Besides our spectacular view of Mount Angeles and the Olympic Mountains, we surround ourselves with bird houses, quail friendly habitat, and places to sit for a few moments of contemplation beneath the apple trees. We have also added indian runner ducks to our family in order to keep the slug population from over taking us.

We are about honesty, service, and somewhat old fashioned gardening. Together we value and enjoy a different pace and way of life that includes laughing at ourselves, learning, and doing our best to make our customers' experience here quieting and pleasing.

Because we are a farm, our work is never caught up, and we don't have the "slick, professional" look you may find in other nurseries. There are always more weeds to pull and flowers to dead-head. Still, we are always trying something "new" or "old" to make our gardening more interesting for you. Our nursery and fields are open for you to wander from May through September.

Angel Crest Gardens