10% increase in Egypt’s exports of engineering industries within 7 months

Egypt’s exports of engineering industries increased, during the period from January to July 2023, by about 10%, to reach $2.492 billion, compared to about $2.271 billion for the same period in 2022.

The monthly report issued by the Export Council for Engineering Industries showed that the sector’s exports during July increased by 14%, to reach $331 million, compared to about $290 million in July 2022.

He added that the most important sectors whose exports increased during 2023 until July compared to the same period in 2022 are “cables”, which achieved an increase of 52.1%, and exports of “home appliances” increased by 54.9%.

He pointed out that exports of “electrical and electronic industries” increased by 46.2%, exports of “means of transportation” increased by 66.9%, exports of “tableware and kitchenware” increased by 2.1%, and exports of “machinery and equipment” increased by 68.7%. an increase of 87.9%.

Regarding the most important countries to which engineering exports increased in the same period, the report indicated that in Europe exports increased to (Turkey – France – Netherlands – Hungary – Germany – Czech Republic), and in Asia they increased in (Saudi Arabia – UAE – Iraq – Oman), and in Africa (Algeria – Libya – Sudan – Côte d’Ivoire – Tanzania – Mauritius) – other markets (Brazil).

On the other hand, the Export Council for Engineering Industries held an intensive training program in the field of strategic management in cooperation with the USAID Trade Reform & Development in Egypt – TRADE Project and TRAIN – Egypt for training.

Representatives of the senior management of 25 companies from the engineering industries sector participated in the programme. The activities of the first day included a discussion of 3 topics, including methods and tools of strategic management, application of strategic management to open new markets, and crisis management for companies.

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