A Chinese delegation visits the Cairo Chamber to discuss establishing new joint investments and industries

The Cairo Chamber of Commerce, headed by Mr. Ayman Ashry, received an official delegation from the Chinese province of “Hang Shu” consisting of investors and industrialists to discuss ways of joint Egyptian-Chinese cooperation in the various commercial, industrial and investment fields.

The Chinese delegation was received from the Cairo Chamber on behalf of Ayman Ashry, Vice-Chairmen of the Cairo Chamber Sherif Yahya and Sayed Al-Nawawi, Major General Salah Al-Abd, Treasurer of the Chamber, Ashraf Khader, Assistant Treasurer, Ashraf Al-Shimi, Secretary General of the Chamber, Imad Qinawi, member of the Board of Directors of the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce and a member of the Chamber’s Board of Directors. Ihab Saeed, member of the Chamber’s Board of Directors, and a number of Chamber members.

The dialogue between the Egyptian and Chinese sides was moderated by Sherif Yahya, which dealt with means of cooperation in the coming period on the commercial, industrial and investment levels.

The members of the Board of Directors of the Cairo Chamber affirmed that there are many areas through which cooperation can be achieved, and that Egypt opens its doors to establish joint investments and industries with all countries, including the Chinese side in various projects, and there are tendencies to support and localize the Egyptian industry, and therefore benefiting from this trend is important. major.

Cairo Chamber members added that the Chamber represents all activities in various disciplines through more than 61 qualitative divisions, which gives the Chinese side the space to cooperate with the Chamber to establish joint investment and industrial projects that benefit the two countries.

The members of the Cairo Chamber called on the Chinese delegation to identify the sectors through which cooperation is possible, as well as the value of their investments that will be pumped into the Egyptian market to establish industries and joint investments, in light of the fact that Egypt supports industry and investment significantly in the recent period, and it has infrastructure and huge industrial areas and depends on technological methods. Modern dealings, and that Egypt represents the gateway to many important markets, including the African and Arab markets, to increase exports to these markets.

This came at the same time when the Chinese delegation headed by “shan Zaiming” confirmed its happiness at receiving the Cairo Chamber and the extent of cooperation in simplifying information for a new start in cooperation on the economic level in many fields, and that this is the first visit of this delegation to the Chamber Cairo, expecting that the cooperation will be great, especially after this distinguished reception and constructive dialogue between the two sides, and that there is great cooperation in terms of providing information that enables the announcement of new cooperation between the two parties.

The members of the Chinese delegation said that the coming period will witness great cooperation with the Cairo Chamber, in light of the provision of exchanged data between the two parties and the various activities represented by the Chamber, which encourage Egyptian-Chinese cooperation, and that the Chinese “Hang Shu” province is characterized by many industries, the most important of which is the manufacture of carpets and electrical appliances.

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