A cooperation agreement between the Food Bank and the Academy of Scientific Research to support projects that serve food security issues

Dr. Mahmoud Saqr, President of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, and Mr. Mohsen Sarhan, CEO of the Egyptian Food Bank, signed a joint cooperation protocol between the Academy of Scientific Research and the Egyptian Food Bank, through which cooperation will take place in establishing joint projects between them that contribute to solving food security problems and issues, for a period of one year. Where the agreement includes strengthening the bonds of cooperation between the two parties, in order to ensure the continuation of the partnership on scientific research to support modern scientific trends and achievements that serve the issue of food security, by implementing work programs and projects to support food security issues, and the Academy of Scientific Research will also provide expertise and consultations through the agreement. scientific and research projects to the Egyptian Food Bank, and the implementation of workshops, seminars, as well as joint scientific production to provide joint research and marketing outputs.

In his speech, Dr. Mahmoud Saqr, President of the Academy of Scientific Research, explained the importance of continuous and permanent cooperation and coordination between the concerned authorities in all research fields. scientific institutions and civil society institutions; To find sustainable solutions to reach sustainable food security by adopting modern technologies in agriculture and then solving the food crisis, referring to the role played by the Egyptian Food Bank in ensuring food security. Saqr explained that the agreement comes in implementation of the state’s plans to maximize the benefit from the various available research. To inject many distinguished products into the Egyptian market that are based on technical and technological knowledge generated by applied research projects with the aim of deepening local and national industries, reducing dependence on imports and increasing exports.

In a related context, Mohsen Sarhan, CEO of the Egyptian Food Bank, said that cooperation with the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology enhances the chances of relying on scientific research and the use of modern technological means, which enables the Egyptian Food Bank to implement its feeding programs and provide healthy foodstuffs for the neediest groups that contribute In raising the livelihood of the beneficiaries directly, especially since the Food Bank is one of the leading institutions in feeding and always seeks to conclude strategic partnerships that benefit society, depending on technological development.

It is worth noting that the agreement between the Egyptian Food Bank and the Academy of Scientific Research includes the establishment and development of the “Food for the Future” laboratory, which is being established through the bank to support smart technological solutions for the development of crops and food that contribute to solving the issue of food security. Also, cooperation between the two parties in the national project. To develop hybrid and super rice in light of water scarcity and climatic changes to enable small farmers in the field of rice cultivation and achieve high productivity, especially since the crop tolerates the degree of salinity and adapts to climate changes and contributes to reducing water consumption.

The agreement allows the Egyptian Food Bank to benefit from the scientific and marketing products produced by the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, by adopting the launch of a joint research competition to develop innovative solutions to improve food security in Egypt, to support research and technological innovations in the field of agriculture and improve crop productivity, provided that the research laboratory will be The Egyptian Food Bank is an incubator for the winning projects, with co-financing from both sides.

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