A new update.. the BRICS price against the pound in Egyptian banks (live now)

The price of the BRICS currency in front of the pound has topped the search engines since last Thursday, after the BRICS bloc approved the accession of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Ethiopia, Iran and Argentina to the bloc, and all citizens seek to understand what the bloc is, its importance and the price of its currency compared to the price of the pound.

A new update.. the BRICS price against the pound in Egyptian banks (live now)

Brix currency

There is no single currency for the bloc brixRather, each country has its own currency. Below, Al-Fajr portal publishes the most prominent currencies of the BRICS countries, according to the Central Bank of Egypt:

  • The price of the Saudi riyal, buying: 8.22, selling: 8.24.
  • The price of the UAE dirham, buy: 8.39, sell: 8.42.
  • CNY price Buy: 4.22, Sell: 4.24.

BRICS currency.. The price of the Brazilian real against the Egyptian pound

  • Brazilian real 6.33 pounds.

BRICS currency.. the price of the Indian rupee against the Egyptian pound

  • Indian rupees 0.37 piastres.

brix currency.. The price of the Russian ruble against the Egyptian pound

  • Russian ruble 0.33 piastres.

BRICS currency.. The price of the Iranian riyal against the Egyptian pound

  • Iranian Rial 0.00037 millimeters.

BRICS currency.. The price of the Ethiopian birr against the Egyptian pound

  • Ethiopian birr 0.56 piasters.

Brix conglomerate

featuring Brix conglomerate Each of: (China, India, Russia, South Africa, Brazil) and 3.2 billion people live in these countries, or 42% of the total world population, and their economies represent about 27% of the global GDP, and more than 18% of world trade .

The conglomerate explained that its most prominent institution is the New Development Bank, which was established in 2014 with a capital of $50 billion, stressing that it provides faster financing than the World Bank, without imposing strict conditions.

The importance of the BRICS bloc

  • Raising Egypt’s chances of attracting more foreign investments.
  • Strengthening good economic and political relations between Egypt and the countries of the bloc.
  • Benefit from enhancing constructive cooperation with BRICS bloc countries to support sustainable development efforts.
  • Reducing intraregional transactions in US dollars, which will reduce pressure on foreign exchange.
  • Increasing access to soft financing for development projects.
  • Improving a number of local economic indicators.

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