Complementing its pioneering role in achieving social responsibility: “Contact” honors high school graduates in a special and distinguished ceremony

In the light of its social responsibility: “Contact Financial Holding” honors top graduates from secondary school in a big celebration at its headquarters

A distinguished honoring ceremony in the “Contact Financial Holding” company for high school seniors in support of social responsibility and education

“Contact Financial Holding” honors outstanding high school graduates and supports academic success in fulfillment of its social responsibility

The “Contact Financial Holding” group, a pioneer in the field of non-banking financial services, organized a distinguished celebration to honor outstanding students from high school students, in cooperation with Al-Jumhuriya newspaper. The celebration was held at the group’s headquarters in downtown Cairo, in the presence of many students and their parents, as well as a group of managers and employees of the group’s companies, in an atmosphere of joy and happiness.

The ceremony was held in the presence of Mr. Saeed Zaatar, CEO of Contact Financial Group, who honored the students who achieved outstanding results in their final exams and excelled in their studies until they became among the first diligent ones.

“Contact” said in a statement this morning that this initiative comes in light of its commitment to support education and encourage students to achieve academic success, indicating that this occasion is an opportunity to celebrate students’ efforts and dedication to study and academic achievement.

The statement revealed that the honoring of the high school seniors included: the scientific section – science, the scientific section – mathematics, the literary section, the science section – educational integration, the mathematics section – educational integration, the literary section – educational integration, the scientific section – STEM sciences, and the scientific section. STEM Mathematics.

During the ceremony, the company’s managers in the field of human resources and sustainability management delivered encouraging and motivational speeches and introduced the group and what it does and its fields to all attendees.

The statement indicated that the Human Resources Department conducted a personality analysis for the students with the aim of providing them with professional advice and introducing them to the practical skills necessary for their future careers. “Contact” distributed awards and certificates of appreciation to the honored students, highlighting the students’ achievements and the role they play as inspirational models for future generations.

Mr. Saeed Zaatar, CEO of the “Contact Financial Holding” group of companies, expressed his pride and gratitude for the outstanding students whom “Contact” celebrated today. Stressing that achieving academic success in high school is a great achievement that deserves appreciation and honor.

Zaatar gave a speech to the outstanding students, in which he described young people as the hope of our future, praising their dedication and academic excellence, explaining that the “Contact Financial Holding” group strongly believes that education is the basis for building strong and sustainable societies. Pointing out that through this honor, we seek to encourage you to continue to excel and strive to achieve your academic and professional aspirations.

The CEO of the “Contact Financial Holding Group” thanked their families and the teachers who contributed to their educational journey, providing the necessary support and guidance to the students, stressing that they are an integral part of this success.

Zaatar continued: I would like to extend my warm congratulations and deep appreciation to you for this wonderful achievement. You are honorable models of inspiration and excellence, and we are convinced that you have the ability to achieve your great goals in the future. And enjoy the special moments that will remain in your permanent memory.

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