Damietta port handles 35 container ships and general cargo within 24 hours

Damietta Port received 35 container and general cargo ships during the past 24 hours.

The media center of the port said in a statement today, Tuesday, that two trains with a total load of 2,243 tons of wheat left the port, heading to the silos of Shubra and Tanta, and another train, after unloading 50 containers, coming from the Sixth of October, while the number of trucks entering and leaving reached 4,907 trucks.

He added that the grain and grain silo of the public sector in the port amounted to 121,400 tons of wheat, while its balance in the private sector’s warehouses amounted to 164,634 tons.

He pointed out that the export movement of general goods included 15,057 tons and included: 1,391 tons of casting salt, 2,200 tons of soybean meal, 1,058 tons of sand, 1,812 tons of beet waste, 3,390 tons of molasses, and 5,206 tons of miscellaneous goods, while the movement of incoming general goods amounted to 46,337 tons, including 11,775 tons of scrap, 1,999 tons of beech wood, 3,000 tons of soybean meal, 190 tons of iron, 5,249 tons of plywood, 5,000 tons of soybeans, and 19,149 tons of wheat.

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