Damietta port handles 39 container ships and general cargo within 24 hours

Damietta port received 12 ships, while 8 ships left, during the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of ships in the port to 39 ships.

The media center of the Port Authority stated, in a statement issued today, Friday, that the movement of exported general goods amounted to 21,549 tons, including 1,300 tons of beet fodder, 3,512 tons of sand, 808 tons of urea, and 15,929 tons of miscellaneous goods.

The movement of incoming general goods amounted to 30,398 tons, including: 1,425 tons of scrap, 155 tons of food oil, 11,107 tons of iron, 15,431 tons of corn, and 2,170 tons of wheat.

The statement added that the movement of export containers amounted to 1108 TEUs, the number of incoming containers reached 111 TEUs, while the number of transit containers reached 1810 TEUs. 191 thousand and 249 tons, while the number of trucks entering and exiting reached 5104 trucks.

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