Delivering subsidized fertilizers to the small beneficiaries of the 1.5 million acres project

The New Egyptian Rural Development Company, which is responsible for implementing and managing the national project for the reclamation, cultivation and development of one and a half million acres, announced that it has started delivering quantities of fertilizers at subsidized prices to serious beneficiaries in the various project locations, from small farmers and small investors, who have already carried out cultivation and development operations. plots of land allocated to them.

The Chairman and Managing Director of the company, Eng. Amr Abdel-Wahhab, confirmed – in a statement today, Wednesday – that this encouraging and supportive initiative for the beneficiaries of the “new Egyptian countryside” and the national project for the reclamation and development of one and a half million acres comes as a continuation of the initiatives launched by the company to motivate and support its customers from the beneficiaries of the million lands. And half a million acres, in order to facilitate and motivate them to move forward in completing reclamation, cultivation and development operations, according to the plans set for their projects.

He pointed out that those who meet the conditions and wish to benefit from this incentive, from among the beneficiaries of the project, must submit their requests to the company, indicating the area in which their projects are located, the type of contract and the cultivated area, provided that the company conducts on-site inspections through which the cultivated and reclaimed areas are monitored, which On the basis of which subsidized fertilizers will be disbursed.

The New Egyptian Rural Development Company had launched, over the past months, a package of important technical and agricultural facilities and initiatives, in order to support, support and motivate farmers and investors of the national project for reclamation, cultivation and development of one and a half million acres, foremost of which is the initiative it launched to support and encourage the beneficiaries of the project lands to cultivate Strategic crops such as wheat, barley and beans, another initiative to encourage the cultivation of oil crops such as sunflower, and a third initiative to encourage small farmers, youth and small investors in the Maghra region, which included the cultivation of 50 feddans of olives and palms, in exchange for the company contributing to the costs of purchasing seedlings and seedlings and providing guidance And provide subsidized fertilizer rations after planting, to encourage those wishing to grow these two important crops, which are known for their huge economic, export and developmental returns from their cultivation.

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