Head of the “Sheikh Zayed Agency”: A student delegation inspects the water purification plant

Engineer Ahmed Mustafa, Head of the Sheikh Zayed City Authority, stated that a visit was organized for the students of the Executive Office of the Union of Students and Workers of the Educational Administration in Sheikh Zayed City, to the Sheikh Zayed Water Purification Plant, under the supervision of Ms. Mona Barakat, Assistant Head of the Authority, in cooperation with the Sheikh Zayed Administration. Education and the City’s Board of Trustees, as an affirmation of the effective role of community participation and awareness of the city, and cooperation with state institutions in various fields for community development.

Mustafa explained that the visit was organized to learn about the stages of purification of drinking water at the station, where Eng. Tariq Shams, Director General of Water Plants, reviewed the stages of purification, accompanied the students to inspect the laboratories, and presented the mechanism for collecting water samples at each stage and the most important challenges facing the purification operations. An awareness seminar was held for students, and the efforts of the station workers were reviewed, and the importance of proper purification of drinking water in order to obtain a cup of clean water. Students were also introduced to the importance of water conservation, rationalization, and the use of water supplies provided by institutions, government agencies, and private residences, in order to reduce the percentage of losses and provide water for hot areas. .

Engineer Ahmed Mustafa pointed out that the student visits received by the Sheikh Zayed Water Station come to activate the awareness plan implemented by the agency for school and university students to enhance the capabilities and develop the skills of students and youth, and to develop awareness of the state’s efforts that it implements in many drinking water and sanitation projects, and how to preserve them.

Engineer Ahmed Mustafa said: A meeting was held at the headquarters of the city agency, to discuss facilitating and facilitating the real estate registration process for all lands, real estate and units in the city to preserve real estate wealth and public money, in the presence of Engineer Ahmed Samir, the deputy vice president of the authority for the planning and projects sector, officials of the agency, and representatives of ministries and agencies. (The World Bank – Ministry of Justice – Ministry of Planning and Economic Development – Ministry of Communications and Information Technology).

The meeting concluded with a number of recommendations that will be made by all concerned authorities, in order to facilitate and facilitate the real estate registration process for the citizen, as Eng.

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