Housing: 4,704 housing units for employees of the New Administrative Capital in Badr City will soon be completed

Dr. Assem Al-Jazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, stated that the implementation of 4,704 housing units will soon be completed, in the second phase of housing the employees of the New Administrative Capital, in Badr City, indicating that there is continuous follow-up from the work site from the Ministry’s officials, with the aim of speeding up the completion of the units. and ensure the quality of implementation.

In the same context, Engineer Abdel Muttalib Mamdouh, Vice President of the New Urban Communities Authority for Cities Development and Development, inspected the second phase buildings project for housing the employees of the New Administrative Capital, with 196 buildings comprising 4,704 housing units, accompanied by Engineer Kamal Bahgat, and Engineer Ahmed Omran Ahmed, assistant. Vice President of the Authority for the Development and Cities Sector, Eng. Ammar Mandour, Head of the Badr City Authority, and officials of the Authority, the Authority and the project.

During the tour, housing officials directed the speedy completion of the ongoing work in the project as soon as possible, explaining that the percentage of building implementation exceeded 91% of the project, stressing that the visit comes within the framework of the continuous directives of Dr. And development and upgrading the level of services in the new cities, and in continuation of the intensification of efforts to advance the wheel of development and show the city of Badr properly.

Engineer Abdul Muttalib Mamdouh confirmed that the housing companies operating in the project were warned to intensify labor and adhere to the quality of finishes and overcome obstacles and challenges to advance the works, in addition to asking the companies executing the utility works to press the timetable for the completion of the works, as well as for the road works and site coordination, so that the plan to deliver the units can continue. State employees moving to the Administrative Capital who chose the Al Wehdat axis.

In a related context, housing officials inspected the Water Lifting Station Project No. (5) at an investment cost estimated at 370 million pounds, explaining that the station consists of 9 pumps in the first stage, the capacity of one pump is 720 liters / second, and it is being implemented with the aim of regulating water pressure in the new areas. It also contains 2 tanks with a storage capacity of 10,000 cubic meters, and an ejection line with a length of 2 km with a diameter of 1500/1200 mm. It contains an administrative building, a mosque, a chlorine building, a transformer building, a workshop, and a store.

During the tour, Eng. Abdulmutallab Mamdouh witnessed the start of the experimental operation of the station, directing the works to complete the final touches of the project to achieve the fastest benefit for the residents of the modern areas of the city.

Engineer Ammar Mandour confirmed that the station was implemented to supply the city with the water it needs due to the increase in development rates in Badr City, the increase in the number of residents in the city and the supply of new areas in the city.

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