Next Saturday, “Egypt Tourism” will host cancer fighters at the Baheya Foundation on a visit to Alexandria

Within the framework of the state’s direction and based on the societal role played by companies affiliated with the Ministry of Public Business Sector in their geographical ranges and population surroundings, Misr Tourism Company, one of the Holding Companies for Tourism and Hotels, hosts a group of cancer fighters treated in Baheya Foundation for Early Detection and Treatment of Breast Cancer on a visit to the city Alexandria, which includes spending a day on Mamoura Beach, a tour of the Montazah Palace area, and watching the comprehensive development that took place in the palace and its surrounding gardens and hotels, as well as a tour inside the Romance Hotel of Misr Tourism Company, which was developed and opened during the past months.

Dr. Mahmoud Esmat, Minister of Public Business Sector, stressed the importance of subsidiaries carrying out their targeted social responsibilities towards all segments of society, thus contributing to alleviating the burdens on citizens, providing support and contributing to improving the surrounding environment, and establishing civilized windows that improve the quality of life, indicating that this visit comes within An integrated social and cultural awareness program aimed at developing awareness among citizens and shedding light on some of what the state has done during the last eight years in terms of development, development and reconstruction projects in various fields to achieve the goals of the new republic.

The visit begins the morning after tomorrow, Saturday, in front of the Baheya Foundation in Sheikh Zayed, and the cancer fighters are accompanied by a number of leaders of the Holding Company and the Misr Tourism Company. Bahia warriors during the visit.

It is worth noting that the Baheya Foundation was established in 2015 with one early detection unit, and currently it has expanded to 4 early detection units. The first phase of Baheya Sheikh Zayed Hospital was established at the beginning of 2023, and the second phase is expected to open in the coming months.

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