Paying the salaries of workers in the state next Thursday

The Ministry of Finance announced the dates for the payment of salaries for the current August, for workers in all ministries, agencies and affiliated bodies, explaining that the arrears of workers’ dues will be paid for 3 days of each month.

Tariq Bassiouni, Head of the Accounts Sector and Financial Directorates, said that the salaries of state workers will be paid for the month of August, starting from August 24, and the arrears are on the 7th, 9th, and 10th of the same month, provided that the dues of workers in ATMs begin to be available according to the dates announced in the financial system. e.

Bassiouni called on workers in administrative agencies not to crowd into ATMs, especially since salaries will be available at any time, starting from the date of starting the exchange specified for all administrative agencies.

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