Red Sea ports handle 14,000 tons of general and various goods

The Red Sea Ports Authority announced today, Tuesday, that the total number of ships at the authority’s berths reached 9 ships, and 14 thousand tons of general and various goods, 721 trucks and 723 cars were handled, in addition to the arrival and travel of 1025 passengers at its ports.

The authority stated that the movement of imports included 6,500 tons of goods, 396 trucks and 668 cars; While the export movement included 7,500 tons of goods, 325 trucks and 55 cars.

She pointed out that the port of Safaga is preparing today to receive the ferry Amal, while the two ships Al-Hurriya 2 and the Poseidon Express leave, and the port of Nuweiba witnessed the handling of 3 thousand tons of goods and 230 trucks through shuttle trips of three ships, which are Bridge, Sina and Ayla, while Port Tawfiq is preparing today to receive the ship Al-Nawy. Express with 620 cars on board coming from Jeddah.

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