Taxes issue a decision obligating those charged with issuing electronic receipts to register on the online portal of the Citizens Incentive Program

The Egyptian Tax Authority issued Decision No. (515) of 2023 obligating taxpayers who are obligated to issue electronic receipts – at all stages of the obligation of the electronic receipt system – to register on the electronic portal of the Citizens Incentive Program to maximize and control the collection of value-added tax (your bill .. your protection and your reward) as of October 1 2023 through the following link

The “head of the Egyptian Tax Authority” confirmed that the taxpayers who are bound by Resolution No. (515) of 2023 must adhere to the technological operating conditions specified by the Egyptian Tax Authority and necessary for the implementation of the stimulus program (your bill.. your protection and your reward).

Dr. Fayez Al-Daba’ani indicated that the stimulus program “Your bill… your protection and your reward” comes within the framework of the state’s steady steps towards digital transformation and financial inclusion and the transition to electronic systems such as the electronic bill system and the electronic receipt system, and to complement the Egyptian Tax Authority’s development projects to integrate the informal economy. In the official system, explaining that this program aims to create and spread a new tax culture among the Egyptian citizen by urging and motivating him to request a receipt or invoice from stores and stores, as well as encouraging citizens to obtain tax receipts or invoices, and protecting the final consumer (citizen) with receipts or invoices. The correct tax for purchased goods and services performed, adding that the program aims to verify wrong practices affecting the citizen and resulting from some merchants collecting tax from the citizen without supplying it to the interest, and all this is done through various and gradual incentives and rewards, in addition to a periodic drawing of major prizes. It is worth up to one million pounds.

The “head of the Egyptian Tax Authority” referred to the Minister of Finance’s interest and follow-up in the “Your Bill, Your Protection and Your Prize” program, because it is a tool for seeing the economy more clearly, as well as a tool for joining the informal economy into the formal system, explaining that the stimulus system “Your Bill, Your Protection and Your Prize Program” is An extension of all the interest development projects, and it was natural that it came after the implementation of the electronic receipt system. For more information, please call the hotline 16395.

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