The Chairman of the Stock Exchange participates in a panel discussion at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange on the sidelines of the BRICS conference

The Chairman of the Egyptian Stock Exchange, Rami El Dokani, participated in a high-level panel discussion that was held on the sidelines of the BRICS conference, at the opening of the trading session of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in South Africa, at the special invitation of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and the BRICS Business Council.

The stock exchange stated – in a statement – that this comes within the framework of its strategy that works to open new horizons, channels of communication and partnership with international institutions and large economic and investment entities, and out of its keenness to be present effectively in international economic forums.

She added that the BRICS Business Council organized a panel discussion titled “The Role of Capital Markets in Advancing Sustainable Economic Growth,” in which representatives from BRICS countries, African stock exchanges and sustainable development institutions participated. BRICS countries and the necessary funding to support the social and economic goals of the BRICS countries.

The attendees also discussed the establishment of a platform to promote and strengthen economic relations and the development of commercial transactions between the Member States, as well as the need to create a regular dialogue between the business communities and the governments of the countries of the Group and African countries.

Rami Al-Dukani stated that it is necessary to activate the role of stock exchanges and financial markets in the BRICS countries and to overcome what prevents the easy movement of financial flows between the financial markets in the BRICS countries.

The Chairman of the Egyptian Stock Exchange also met with Dr. Leila Fore, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in South Africa, and the working team for the establishment of the African Carbon Market, in implementation of the Egyptian Stock Exchange’s strategy in light of the state’s interest in the African dimension and the need to work to preserve the environment and reduce carbon emissions.

The 15th BRICS Summit, attended by the leaders of the five member states: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa, from August 22 to 24, under the slogan “BRICS and Africa: Partnership for Accelerated Growth and Sustainable Development.” and comprehensive pluralism.

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