The price of the Russian ruble is falling against the dollar and the euro

The Russian currency, the ruble, fell in the Moscow Stock Exchange trading today against the dollar and the euro, above the level of 100 rubles, to record its lowest level for the first time since the end of March 2022.

By 18:00 Moscow time, the dollar exchange rate rose by 2.83 rubles to 101.04 rubles.

The exchange rate of the single currency, the “euro”, rose by 2.71 rubles to 110.68 rubles, “the ruble = 100 kopecks.”

In terms of stock trading, according to the data of the Moscow Stock Exchange, the MICEX ruble-denominated stock index rose by 1.58 percent to 3,205.7 points, thus the index rose above 3,200 points for the first time, at the highest level since February 2022.

While the dollar-denominated stock index “RTS” rose by 0.28 percent to 1003.7 points.

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