They cost 7 pounds, and their official price is 24 pounds. The price of cigarettes in the market

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Many smokers are looking for cigarette prices in shops and kiosks today, Sunday, and the cigarette market is witnessing a monopoly by merchants of smoking products.

The electronic portal Al-Fajr reviews the prices of cigarettes in the following lines in the kiosks and shops where all products of the Eastern Tobacco Company (Astra Company) and Philip Morse, which manufacture foreign cigarettes, are sold.

Cigarette prices today

Learn about cigarette prices today in shops and kiosks

Foreign and local cigarettes are witnessing a rise in prices, and some types of cigarettes are disappearing in the markets, due to the monopoly of merchants and their storage. Al-Fajr Gate publishes the prices of cigarettes in kiosks and shops today.

Type the price
yellow myrt From 70 pounds to 75 pounds
blue myrt From 65 pounds to 75 pounds
Marlboro red From 70 pounds to 80 pounds
Marlboro Gold From 70 pounds to 80 pounds
Marlboro Kraft Red 55 pounds
Marlboro Craft Gold 55 pounds
L&M red 60 pounds
L&M Blue 60 pounds
L&M Silver 55 pounds
L&M Kraft Red 50 pounds
Winiston 50 pounds
Target 35 pounds to 40 pounds
Cleopatra 35 pounds to 50 pounds

These prices are sold due to the increase in demand for cigarette prices, the monopoly of trade and a reduction in supply. The Eastern Tobacco Company announced a shocking surprise regarding the real Cleopatra cigarette prices and the actual cost of the package before adding taxes and health insurance fees.

After adding the value of taxes and health insurance fees, the price of Cleopatra cigarettes rises to 24 pounds, which is the official price for the consumer. He also explained that the 7 pounds include the cost of producing the package and importing raw materials, in addition to the wages of the company’s employees.

foreign cigarette prices

Learn about official cigarette prices from the company

Philip Morse decided to raise the prices of cigarettes last July 2023, and the prices were as follows:

Type the price
Yellow Merritt 64 pounds
Blue Merit 64 pounds
Marlboro is red 59 pounds
Marlboro Gold 59 pounds
Marlboro Kraft Red 49 pounds
Marlboro Craft Gold 49 pounds
Lm Red 42 pounds
lm blue 42 pounds
im silver 42 pounds
LM Forward 42 pounds

Raise the price of HEETS cigarettes

And heated tobacco cigarettes were raised by 2 pounds, bringing the price from 48 pounds for the consumer to 50 pounds for the consumer.

Heated tobacco cigarettes

Find out the official prices of cigarettes from the Eastern Tobacco Company

It is worth noting that the prices of Eastern Company cigarettes are as follows:

item Cigarette packaging Selling price to the consumer
Box 10 10 cigarettes 15 pounds
Cleopatra king size 20 cigarettes 23 pounds
Cleopatra, see formation 20 cigarettes 24 pounds
Boston/Belmont 20 cigarettes 24 pounds
Cleopatra Box 20 20 cigarettes 24 pounds
Switch (menthol/blueberry) 20 cigarettes 24 pounds
Cleopatra Black 20 cigarettes 24 pounds
Matossian Super 20 cigarettes 24 pounds
Viceroy / Pal Money 20 cigarettes 33 pounds
Yellow Merritt 20 cigarettes 59
Blue Merritt 20 cigarettes 59
Marlboro is red 20 cigarettes 54
Marlboro Gold 20 cigarettes 54
L&M is red 20 cigarettes 39
L&M Blue 20 cigarettes 39
L&M Silver 20 cigarettes 39

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