Urgent.. a new increase in the prices of Almarai milk

Almarai Company, which operates in dairy products, decided to increase the prices of Almarai milk for the third time in the last two months.

Al-Fajr learned that the price of a 1-liter bottle of Almarai milk rose to 38 pounds for the consumer instead of 35 pounds in the past few days, according to merchants.

The price of a 1.5-liter Almarai milk bottle increased by about 5 pounds to 55 pounds, instead of 50 pounds in the past.

And the price of a package of Almarai milk 900 ml increased by 3 pounds to 34 pounds instead of 31 pounds.

The price of Almarai bread 900 grams increased by about 3 pounds, from 35 pounds to 38 pounds.

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