Value announces rebranding as part of its new strategy to become a comprehensive financial services technology organization

– This step reflects the aspirations of growth and development that Valeo makes in order to meet the various needs of customers, and also confirms the comprehensiveness and diversity of the portfolio of financial solutions it offers.

Value, the leading financial services technology company in the Middle East and North Africa, today announced a strategic change that includes a rebranding and competitive positioning, reflecting Value’s transformation from one of the largest buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) solutions providers into a consumer finance company. To a comprehensive financial services technology institution that provides a range of integrated and diversified financial products and solutions. The rebranding is a significant step in the company’s journey towards development and growth, as it focuses on expanding and diversifying the range of products and services it provides to customers and strengthening its presence in the ever-changing field of financial services technology.

Since its inception, Value has succeeded in maintaining its leading position in providing innovative financial services and solutions that keep pace with customers’ aspirations and enhance their evolving lifestyle. Aware of the successive developments in the financial services technology sector, the company is always striving to develop its technological infrastructure to enhance the user experience, as Valeo has clearly updated its electronic application to reflect all its products and services, through a modern and attractive design.

In light of this change, Valeo has also integrated Paynas products and services under its own brand, and B2B services are now offered under ‘Value Business’. The new Valeo brand embodies the values ​​of responsibility, innovation, speed and flexibility, as well as a dedication to customer service of the highest standards. The strategic move to change the brand reflects the company’s transformation, which strengthens its position in the Egyptian market as the company always first in providing everything new and the leader in this field.

In this context, Valeo CEO Walid Hassouna stated that since the launch of Valeo at the end of 2017, the company has made a difference in the financial services technology sector, as we focused on creating solutions and providing everything new. Hassouna confirmed that the company has succeeded in expanding its scope of work, which is not limited to consumer financing services only, but also currently includes cashback services through obtaining the value of invoices in cash, savings solutions, investment products, employee management services platform, and other services. Hassouna stressed that now is the perfect time to change the brand of Value to reflect the diversity of the portfolio of integrated products and services it offers, in addition to its leading position as a specialized institution in the field of financial services technology. Hassouna added that this transformation is the beginning of a new chapter for the company that will witness more efforts to forge new partnerships that strengthen cooperation frameworks with the most prominent players in various sectors, international brands and innovators, in order to provide comprehensive financial solutions that meet the needs of all our customers and help our partners grow.

It is worth noting that the following platforms and programs will operate under the new, evolving Valeo brand umbrella:

  • All Buy Now Pay Later solutions services will now be offered (BNPL) under the new trade name ‘U’which offers soft financing plans and programs up to 60 months through the following programmes:
  • «flip flops»: A cashback program that allows customers to instantly redeem their purchases.
  • «With you»: A program aimed at meeting the needs of undergraduate students between the ages of 18 and 23.
  • «family»: A program that allows first-degree relatives of customers over the age of 16 to obtain consumer financing services.
  • «Alter»: The luxury shopping financing program, which allows customers to make payments for high-value products with prices up to 15 million pounds.
  • «Business »: A platform that provides unique solutions for companies (B2B) in the field of human resources solutions services, which includes salary and benefits transfer cards, in addition to a number of other financial services (this platform was previously known as “PayNas”, which was acquired by “Valeo” in 2022) .
  • “Of course”: A new savings product that allows people to save while enjoying the returns, so they can shop later.
  • Flip: A product that allows customers to send and receive money instantly, and the most popular gift card in Egypt.
  • Invest: – An investment platform to provide clients with flexible and appropriate investment solutions that achieve a competitive return, such as the AZ Valu investment fund, which was launched by the company in cooperation with the «Azimut» group, and the EFG Hermes ONE application, the leading electronic platform for securities trading that provides users with quick and easy access to global markets at any time and from anywhere.

This strategic move to change the brand comes within the framework of the company’s renewed commitment to strengthening the capabilities of the work team, increasing its reach, and maximizing positive returns in the financial services technology sector. The company also continues its efforts to establish strong relations with its growing customer base by keeping up with their aspirations and providing them with innovative products and services.

The following is a list of Valeo’s most significant achievements to date:

  • Selection of the company in the Forbes Middle East list of the best financial services technology companies in the Middle East during 2021, 2022 and 2023
  • Value won the Best Financial Services Technology Company Award in 2021 and 2022 during the Gulf Business Tech Awards Ceremony
  • Entrepreneur Middle East honored Value 3 times at Leaders in Fintech Awards 2021 and Leaders in Fintech Awards 2022 – Best Buy Now Pay Later Platform, and at Tech Innovation Awards 2021 as Best Company in the Fintech Sector for 2021
  • Winner of the 2019 FinTech Innovation Award at the Seamless Awards
  • Value Named Best FinTech Start-up in North Africa: BNPL Service at Africa Bank 4.0 Awards 2023
  • Value was honored as the Most Innovative Fintech Company by Global Brands Magazine in 2023
  • The company won the award for Best Ramadan Comedy Ad at the Creative Industry Summit in 2023 and received an award for Best Marketing Campaign from the 2023 International Finance Awards.
  • The total number of transactions exceeded more than 3 million transactions
  • The Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) services segment has witnessed a growing merchant network with more than 5,500 stores and service providers across more than 1,500 e-commerce platforms.
  • More than 1 million active customers on the electronic application
  • The total value of gross merchandise doubled to 5.8 billion Egyptian pounds by the end of 2022, compared to 2.4 billion pounds in 2021.
  • Amazon buys Global Depositary Certificates (GDRs) in EFG Holdings Group Listed on the London Stock Exchange at a value of $10 million, with the option to exchange it in the future for a stake in Valeo (equivalent to 4.255% of the issued capital of Valeo)
  • Completion of the full acquisition of PayNas in 2022 – an online platform for employee management services that provides a range of financial services to micro, small and medium enterprises. The “Bynas” brand was changed to Value
  • acquisition of a minority stake At Qiwi, a financial services technology startup, the first social payment app for youth in Egypt
  • The acquisition of an indirect 2% stake in PayTabs Egypt
  • Acquisition of a minority stake in the Hodes platform, which specializes in the field of e-commerce in the Middle East and North Africa
  • Value owns a 10% stake in EFG EV Fintech, the accelerator and incubator of the EFG Holdings Group.

About Valeo

Value, the leading financial services technology platform, provides comprehensive and accessible financial services to individuals and businesses under its product umbrella, including Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) services in the Middle East and North Africa region, where it has a direct presence as a payment service in more than 5,500 points of sale And more than 1,500 websites, and it provides easy installment plans and programs up to 60 months for home appliances, electronics, furniture, home finishing, solar energy solutions for residential units, travel, fashion, educational services, health, and others. In addition, the company offers a range of investment, cash loans and savings solutions and services through its unique products “AZ valU”, “Shaqlabaz” and “Akeed”. The company provides human resources services to manage the payroll system and others through Paynas. Valeo, the award-winning global financial services technology in the Middle East and North Africa region, is distinguished by its advanced thinking and unique group of the best cadres and competencies who dedicate themselves to designing innovative financial solutions.

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