Vice President of Cairo Chamber: Intensify efforts to develop economic sectors with the start of the electoral cycle “2023-2027”

Sherif Yahya, Vice President of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, revealed in exclusive statements after his selection as First Vice President of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce during the new electoral cycle 2023-2027 that the next stage requires intensive efforts to advance all the different commercial sectors.

Yahya said that the development and development plan for the various activities will depend on many axes, including the vision and proposals of the various commercial divisions in the Chamber, as the members of the qualitative divisions are the ones who touch the smallest details on the ground; Therefore, their vision is of particular importance to the Board of Directors of the Chamber in the success of its development plan.

Coordination, harmony, and opening an expanded language of dialogue with all activities brings points of view closer and reveals fine details that may lead to a boom in development and expansion in activities that represent a basic basis for the national economy.

Activating the protocols signed with chambers in different countries is a very important point for opening up to the outside world and working to attract new investments that add to the national economy, and this file will receive great attention from the chamber’s new board of directors.

The vice-president of the Cairo Chamber said that he is counting on the next stage in the development of all commercial, industrial, investment and service sectors in light of the state’s directions and the facilities that are currently taking place, especially on the economic level.

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