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What sizes of dahlias do you have?

Our small is 1 1/2" blooms up to about 14' blooms (dinner plate dahlias).

Where are the dahlia tubers grown?

The dahlia tubers are grown in our fields located 7 mails west of Port Angeles WA, and 7 miles east of Yoyce. WA, we are located at the foot of the Olympic mountains and one mile south of the strait of Juan de Fuca.

How do I plant my dahlias?

In a sunny spot dig a hole about 12"to 15" deep and 15" wide. Add to the bottom of the hole a little fertilizer or other plant food. Put about half of the soil back in the hole and lay the tuber on  its side in the hold. Then replace the rest of the soil.  If you have strong summer winds, you may want to drive a 4-5 foot stake in the ground about 6-8" behind the tuber hole to use as plant support later.

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