116 catering violations were seized in control campaigns on bakeries and markets in Dakahlia

Mr. Dayra, the general supervisor of the Directorate of Supply and Internal Trade in Dakahlia, revealed the intensification of control campaigns on bakeries and markets to control violators.

A group of campaigns was formed in the directorate in the cities of: Mit Salsil, al-Matariyya, Sherbin, and Mit Ghamr, in cooperation with the directors of the departments, and 116 catering violations were issued in monitoring campaigns on bakeries and markets.

Bakery violations

In the field of bakeries, 108 reports were issued regarding the collection of cards, the absence of an inspection record, closure during official working hours, the disposal of flour worth 43 checks, non-conformity to specifications, and weight loss.

Market irregularities

In the field of markets, 8 records were issued, and it came between the absence of a health certificate,
Commodities of unknown origin, lack of invoices, and slaughter outside the slaughterhouse.

And the general supervisor confirms the continuation of the ration campaigns to preserve the support due to citizens by the state.

September ration commodities exchange

And it started Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade The exchange of September 2023 commodities, as the 40,000 outlets nationwide witnessed a great turnout from the 64 million citizens registered on about 22 million cards, for the exchange of subsidized commodities, where 31 items are provided, with a value of ration goods 37 billion pounds annually.

Dr. Ali Al-Moselhy said that all basic commodities are available in large stocks of more than 6 months, pointing to the Ministry’s continued efforts to secure strategic reserves to meet the needs of citizens, whether of subsidized or free items, in addition to conducting daily campaigns at the outlets to ensure the availability of goods.

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