17 ministries participate in preparing the first national strategy for the development of statistics

The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics is preparing to resume the preparatory meetings for the launch of the first version of the National Strategy for the Development of Statistics, with the participation of all concerned parties and partners of statistical work, after being suspended for more than two years. Due to the events of the Corona pandemic and the exceptional crises that followed.

The National Strategy for the Development of Statistics

Today, Tuesday, a meeting will be held for all the ministerial bodies participating in the strategy, which number about 17 ministries, in order to review the work that has been done during the past period, in preparation for holding the main conference of the Supreme Committee to develop the national strategy for the development of statistics.

Prevent conflicting official statements

For his part, Major General Khairat Barakat, head of the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics, said that the national strategy for the development of statistics in Egypt constitutes a national framework aimed at developing the national statistical system and disseminating and integrating statistics in policy development and planning processes, pointing to its role in preventing conflicting data and statistics and unifying its issuing authority. Defining the terms of reference of each entity, working to include the various sectors and other stakeholders in the national statistics system, and the desire of the state to respond to the challenges posed by data gaps, launch a data revolution, and build statistical capacities, in addition to applying a comprehensive consultative process that includes all producers and users of statistics, decision makers, technical and financial partners, civil society, the private sector, and universities.

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He explained in his press statements that the Statistics Authority will be the official body responsible for coordinating the statistical work in the country and providing the required data for development plans, which called for the importance of coordination and cooperation with all work partners in the national statistical system to develop a national strategy for the development of statistics.

Themes of the national strategy

The national strategy for statistics is based on building confidence in official statistics so that they become the guide and basis for decision-making and policy development, and their application at all stages of statistical work, from the approval of work programs, through the collection and analysis of data, and ending with the issuance of results.

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