3.5 billion pounds, the cost of establishing the Upper Egypt train station, and the opening within days

Engineer Mohamed Amer, Head of the Railways Authority, confirmed that the development works witnessed by the railway increased the number of trains entering Egypt station, Ramses, and the station would not accommodate the number of trains, so it was necessary to have an alternative station, which is the Upper Egypt train station in Bashtil, and it is a smart station that is all managed electronically, serving a large segment of passengers and citizens.

A tour of the Upper Egypt train station

The head of the Railway Authority added, during his tour of the Upper Egypt train station, that the station was established with self-financing from the railway and is being implemented by one of the railway’s investment companies, noting that the station has completely changed the area’s facade.

The cost of establishing the station

He added that the cost of constructing the station is 3.5 billion pounds from the railway budget, and it will be opened within days, and it will serve the passengers of Upper Egypt and the Manashy line, noting that the trains extending from Lower Egypt to Upper Egypt and vice versa will pass through the Cairo station – Misr station.

The finishing of the station’s facades is now being completed, as well as the finishing of the sidewalks, the first floor of the station, and the installation of the stairs of the commercial mall. The main station building is being built on an area of ​​​​31,000 square meters, which consists of a basement floor that will be used as a garage with a capacity of 250 vehicles, and a ground floor containing a commercial part within an integrated shopping mall on the (first) floor. The second) and administrative places on the ground floor for the station staff.

The station includes 28 ticket counters, as well as toilets and the glass pyramid area in the main lobby of the station, which is 40 meters high, in addition to the first and second floors of the station, which include commercial shops and investment areas.

Upper Egypt station development work

The station includes 6 berths to serve the passengers of Upper Egypt on the side of Sudan Street and (4) berths for the Manashi line on the side of the Lieutenant General Kamal Amer axis, in addition to the railways of the station yard. At the station 22 km with 89 switches.

The station also includes a train carriage maintenance workshop, which includes 12 tracks, in addition to a tractor maintenance workshop that includes 6 tracks for maintenance and equipment of tractors, as well as the readiness of the fuel station buildings – the train wash building – the electricity distributor building (distributor 1 – distributor 2) – the power transformer station building – Security rooms – Diesel tanks – Oil separation tanks – Water tanks for fire fighting.

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