A website and great facilities… Details of the “transportation” plan to maximize yacht tourism in Egypt

The Maritime Transport Sector, affiliated to the Egyptian Ministry of Transport, issued a statement regarding the measures that are currently being implemented to maximize yacht tourism in Egypt and simplify and speed up its procedures upon the arrival and departure of foreign yachts from tourist ports and marinas located on the coasts of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The statement referred to the establishment of a single digital window for foreign yachts to simplify these procedures, and the Ministry of Transport (Maritime Transport Sector) will manage, operate, supervise and develop it, explaining that this window is a website on the international information network, the Internet, through which the owner of the yacht or his representative can make an entry. Data of the yacht and passengers, uploading the required documents and documents, the arrival time, the port in which to dock, and the entire trip program, as is done in the leading countries in this field.

The Maritime Transport Sector stated that the digital window sends it automatically to the concerned authorities to review the required data, documents and interviews and send their approvals to the official window site in the Maritime Transport Sector to issue one approval for the visit program within 30 minutes, in implementation of the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and to issue one invoice for the foreign yacht to be collected. Electronically through the window in US dollars, bearing in mind that the completion of procedures for foreign tourist yachts previously required a period of 15-30 days.

The sector confirmed that a link has been placed on the website of the digital single window for foreign yachts to the official websites of the Passports, Immigration and Nationality Department to obtain an electronic visa for the entry of passengers on board the yacht, as well as to the official website of the Suez Canal Authority to complete the procedures for the foreign yacht’s crossing of the international navigational passage “the Suez Canal” if it is As part of the yacht’s trip program and according to the departure and arrival locations, it was also indicated that a unified code was issued for the establishment and operation of marinas and ports in the Arab Republic of Egypt to be a guide for all customers that includes (berth specifications, capacity, services provided, communication channels with Egyptian ports and marinas currently established – a statement of the necessary procedures and approvals Taking it to establish an international marina to receive foreign yachts directly or to establish a local marina – Include the concerned authorities, their tasks and requirements in terms of construction, equipment and equipment that must be available in international ports and marinas to end the procedures for foreign yachts coming to Egypt – An explanation of all the digital one-stop interfaces for foreign yachts and how to deal with them – Include all Laws, decisions and executive regulations regulating the establishment, operation and management of tourist ports and marinas).

Allowing foreign yachts to depart from any tourist port or marina

In addition, a unified tariff for towing fees has been set on all berths, passenger stations, and tourist ports affiliated to the Ministry of Transport, in one currency, to avoid the problem of conflicting towing fees for foreign yachts in Egyptian ports, while not interfering with touring interviews and providing services in private tourist marinas, which will be announced through the window. The single digital for foreign yachts, and giving freedom to foreign yachtsmen to choose the place of berthing (public commercial port / private marina) and according to the announced prices, services provided, and the tourist endorsement required to be visited. It is also part of the measures taken by the Egyptian government to maximize yacht tourism in Egypt and simplify its procedures. Allowing foreign yachts to leave from any tourist port or marina without being restricted to leaving from the port or marina of arrival.

It is worth noting that the address of the official page of the one-stop-shop for foreign yacht tourism on the Internet is:

The statement indicated that, as a continuation of the efforts made by the Egyptian state to solve all the problems and obstacles facing foreign yachts frequenting the ports and tourist marinas on the Egyptian coast, and in pursuit of thus maximizing the state’s resources, the Prime Minister’s directives were issued during the cabinet meeting held on May 17, 2023. Concerned ministries to take the necessary measures to extend the validity period of the tourist visa for foreign yacht-goers to be 3 months “instead of 30 days” as a result of what foreign yacht-goers may face in terms of fluctuations of natural factors or emergency situations (bad weather conditions – malfunctions that prevent the yacht from leaving – . ..) and the inability to commit to leaving the yacht outside the country at the appropriate times for the requirements of safe sailing for the crew and passengers.”

In implementation of this, a decision was issued by the Ministry of the Interior (General Department of Passports, Immigration and Nationality) in this regard, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued directives to all Egyptian embassies and consulates abroad to grant foreign tourists coming to the Arab Republic of Egypt on board foreign tourist yachts a tourist residence for a period of 3 months instead of a month.

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