After the success of the El Alamein Festival, a tourist expert: Egypt is qualified to repeat the experience

Hisham Idris, a member of the Chamber of Tourism Companies, said that the success of the New Alamein Festival reflects the success of the festival tourism pattern. He explained that this type of tourism is important and attracts multiple segments of tourists, and that Egypt has the necessary ingredients to be a pioneer in this type of tourism.

Idris confirmed in statements to Al-Dustour that areas such as El-Gouna and Sahl Hasheesh in Hurghada Governorate, and Sharm El-Sheikh in South Sinai, are fully qualified to hold festivals. However, before launching the festival, the age groups who frequent the tourist destination in which the festival will be held must be studied, and the materials that will be presented to it. He pointed out that the success of the New Alamein Festival lies in presenting various sports, cultural and entertainment events, not only artistic events. Therefore, it met the desires of all frequenters on the northern coast, and the festival contributed to an increase in the number of Arab tourists by up to 35% compared to the volume of Arab tourists who are accustomed to visiting the northern coast at this time.

The gains of the New Alamein Festival

He pointed out that among the gains that we obtained because of the New Alamein Festival is that it targeted tourists with high spending, and this is the quality that we are looking for, which we must focus on during the coming period to increase tourism revenues and achieve the state’s target from the tourism sector, indicating that the festival contributed to increasing the number of energy There are many hotels opened recently in the North Coast as a whole and the El Alamein region in particular, and it is expected that the El Alamein region will witness the provision of many job opportunities for young people after the opening of many new hotel investments.

The festival also contributed to changing the direction of tourists to competing destinations, to come to the North Coast as an alternative, in addition to the significant increase in tourism revenues on the North Coast.

Idris added that nightlife places must be increased in the various tourist destinations, as the tourist is not coming to stay in the hotel only, but rather wants to spend his day at night, in addition to raising the quality of the tourist and hotel facilities, in addition to raising awareness.

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