“Agriculture”: 10,000 campaigns to inspect pesticide outlets

Dr. Ahmed Rizk, head of the Central Department for Pest Control affiliated with the Ministry of Agriculture, said that the summer season is about to end, as some early cotton fields began to be harvested in the governorates without being affected by agricultural pests, as the ministry supported farmers by providing the necessary pesticides to combat cotton pests throughout the season (thrips – Aphids – Cotton leafworm – Almond worms).

Providing technical support to farmers

Rizk indicated that technical support was provided to the farmers by being present with them through the almost daily traffic campaigns in Al-Ghitan from the pest control men in the directorates and the central pest control department throughout the season to bring the crop to safety, and this does not depend on cotton only, but also on all summer crops such as corn, which is included in Human food in some areas and as fodder for livestock.

He added that the ministry was able to reach safety without crop losses as a result of the presence of Fall Armyworm by providing the necessary pesticides to combat it and also being present next to the farmer. Traffic committees have reached approximately 1002 traffic committees so far.

He continued: The fruit crops were not far from the sight of the administration, as it works to reduce pests such as fruit flies and palm pests, especially the red palm weevil, for which the ministry has provided the necessary pesticides as well as injection devices that provide pesticides and use them effectively and easily, and they are being allocated to the directorates in preparation for control in All directorates began distributing these injectors to Marsa Matrouh governorate and forming committees in Siwa Oasis. The administration also carried out many extension campaigns and field days in the various agricultural directorates and meetings with control engineers in the directorates to identify the most important obstacles and solve them.

Pest control campaigns

In order to preserve the safe and rational use of the pesticide, the Central Pest Control Department, in cooperation with the Agricultural Pesticides Committee, the Central Pesticides Laboratory and the Water Surfaces Police, launched several campaigns nationwide, amounting to 10,452 campaigns to control the pesticides market.

The head of the Central Pest Control Department stated that managing the pest control system to achieve the required productivity, which generates adequate income for farmers, is very sensitive and requires effort throughout the season, especially in light of the sharp climatic changes and the fluctuations in pest behavior and activity as a result of these changes.

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