Agriculture: Egypt’s agricultural exports increased to more than 5.3 million tons

Mr. Al-Qaseer, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, received a report from Dr. Ahmed Al-Attar, Head of Agricultural Quarantine, with a rise agricultural exports The Egyptian market reached 5,360,543 tons during the period from the beginning of the year to date, compared to 4,596,324 tons last year, an increase of more than 770,000 tons over last year.

to rise Citrus and potato exports
Ahmed Al-Attar, Head of Agricultural Quarantine at the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, said that the increase in citrus exports to 1,944,658 tons came in the first place, while fresh potato exports rose to 913,276 tons and came in the second place, and fresh onion exports rose to 375,000. and 734 tons.

Al-Attar added to the constitution that potato exports increased to 84 thousand and 291 tons, while pomegranate exports increased to 16 thousand and 308 tons, while fresh garlic exports increased to 26 thousand and 931 tons, and fresh strawberry exports increased to 23 thousand and 295 tons, while fresh beans exports increased. and dry to 110 thousand and 693 tons.

The head of the Central Administration for Agricultural Quarantine confirmed that mango exports had increased to 26,880 tons, guava exports had increased to 9,780 tons, fresh tomato exports had increased to 57,144 tons, and grape exports had increased to 156,563 tons.

The report praised the efforts of workers in agricultural quarantine and the laboratories affiliated with the ministry and the export council, as well as the cooperation with the Egyptian embassies and the Egyptian trade representation abroad, which contributed to achieving this record number of Egyptian agricultural exports so far in order to support the national economy.

The agricultural quarantine report indicated that the most important agricultural exports are citrus fruits, potatoes, fresh onions, yams, pomegranates, garlic, strawberries, beans, guavas, tomatoes and grapes.

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