Al-Damiry: The return of Arab tourism requires more attractive promotional offers

Hisham Al-Damiry, the former head of the Tourism Promotion Authority, said that the Arab tourism file is one of the most important files that require double efforts to attract the largest percentage of Arab tourists, especially with regard to the role of tourism promotion for the return of Arab tourism.

Al-Damiri stressed in exclusive statements to “Al-Dustour” that the restoration of Arab tourism in particular is one of the most important challenges facing the sector within the framework of the state’s strategy for sustainable tourism, which aims to attract 30 million tourists within 5 years, by 2028, and thus reach tourism revenues to $30 billion annually (against the current figure of about $12 billion).

The tourist expert pointed out that the return of Arab tourism requires the provision of more attractive promotional offers, whether in beach cities or means of transportation represented by aviation, in addition to providing new tourism patterns suitable for Arab families.

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