“Al-Dustour” reveals the state’s plan to promote yacht tourism

The state continues to make more efforts to support “yacht tourism”, under the directives of the political leadership, in an investment in Egypt’s various tourism potentials and patterns, including yacht tourism, which is considered a tourist pattern inherited by the rich of the world and who sail for recreation in their own way through the ports of the world.

The pioneers of yacht tourism are distinguished by their large spending capabilities, and other countries benefit from this, as yacht tourism is considered one of the most important sources of economic income in the Mediterranean region, as more than 30 thousand yachts roam the Mediterranean basin annually.

“Al-Dustour” reviews the most prominent efforts in this regard, to find out what the state has done to develop yacht tourism in Egypt.

Tourism: Contracting with an international expert specialized in promoting ports

Ghada Shalaby, Deputy Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, revealed the contract with an expert who is considered one of the international agents for yacht owners with the aim of promoting yacht tourism in Egypt, stressing: “He is an international expert who specializes in promoting ports and specializes in yacht tourism, and we will announce all the details in due course.” .

Shalaby explained to Al-Dustour: “Yachting tourism needs ports, which falls within the competence of the Ministry of Transport in the first place. As for the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, it will undertake the task of promoting tourist ports.” She pointed out that yacht tourism is one of the tourist patterns that need several integrated elements, and she said: “Yachts are considered floating hotels, and they need many services, including consumables and all tools for moving through ports, as well as storing materials used for living.”

Elhamy El Zayat: Offering premium prices and marketing the most important services

Elhamy Al-Zayyat, a tourism expert, said that the success of the state’s plan to stimulate yacht tourism requires that the process of promoting Egyptian resorts and ports begin, providing distinguished price lists and marketing the most important services provided by the state for yacht tourism, monitoring the list of yacht owners in the world and direct communication with them or contacting the agent. their own, in preparation for the official launch.

Al-Zayyat added: “It is also necessary to implement the rules and facilities approved by the state to maximize yacht tourism, which includes the ease of issuing entry permits to Egyptian ports and islands, providing consumer services to yacht owners and the teams accompanying them, and providing their transportation needs between airports or ports.”

He continued, “Egypt is one of the countries rich in its diverse tourism resources, due to its distinguished geographical location,” pointing out that Egypt is qualified for this type of tourism, due to the presence of many tourist ports and islands. Atef Abdel Latif, a member of the “Travelers” association, said, “Yachting tourism is one of the most important tourism patterns on the world stage.

Alaa Aqel: It will provide a guaranteed source of hard currency

Alaa Aqel, head of the Chamber of Hotel Establishments, confirmed that yacht tourism will contribute significantly to increasing tourist income, stressing that about 30 thousand yachts pass through the Mediterranean annually, according to official figures and statistics, and this makes it obtain a large economic return from the dollar, which will contribute, without Doubt, in the national income. “Aqel” added: “The annual operating costs of the yacht are about 200,000 euros at least, so the return will be strong,” stressing: “The state is seriously seeking to stimulate this new pattern, which is yacht tourism.” He explained, “The prices of yachts vary according to their models, according to a number of studies, and their prices start from $50,000 and reach about $380 million.”

Establishing a global tourist port with the support of the private sector in Sharm El-Sheikh

The “yacht marina in Sharm El-Sheikh” is currently under construction, and the private sector is implementing it, and it is scheduled to be completed next year. The marina is located behind the conference hall in Sharm El-Sheikh. A yacht marina is being established in Sharm El-Sheikh, under the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

The “Saqala Sharm El-Sheikh” is considered the most famous in the history of the tourist city, and it was established after the liberation of the city of Sharm El-Sheikh from the Israeli occupation, to be the first marine Saqala to receive boats and yachts from which cruises depart to practice many marine activities such as diving.

The yacht club includes many complementary tourism services and activities such as a tourist restaurant and bar, in addition to docking and mooring services for diving boats, pleasure yachts and tourist yachts.

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