“Al-Mataria Engineering” announces the Structural Engineering Program

The Faculty of Engineering in El-Mataria, Helwan University, announced the Structural Engineering Program. The program is characterized by the presence of unique specializations, where the student uses modern technologies in the field of structural engineering and computer applications in structural design, and the ability to manage and plan construction projects, under the auspices of Dr. El-Sayed Qandil, President of Helwan University.

The new programs come within the framework of the university’s philosophy to develop and modernize its educational system in line with global transformations and to respond to the needs of the labor market at home and abroad. These programs take into account the rules of quality and academic accreditation.

For his part, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hussein Rabie, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering in El Matareya, explained that the program contributes to qualifying students for the labor market in structural engineering through two graduation projects for students in more than one specialization, internal and external practical training at the University of Sherbrooke in Canada, as well as motivational competitions among students at the level College and various universities, this program qualifies the graduate to work upon graduation in the field of design, structural analysis and implementation.

This program contributes to the preparation of qualified scientific cadres, engineering and technical, who have the ability to compete, keep abreast of scientific and technological developments, and are capable of creativity, innovation and scientific research.

The admission requirements for the program are for students wishing to enroll in the following categories:

▪️ High school students who have been nominated by the Coordination Office to enroll in college.

▪️ Preparatory band students transferred to the first band, students of other departments of the college, and students of Helwan Engineering.

▪️ Students transferred to college and investigators for the minimum level of engineering sector faculties in the Coordination Office of Egyptian Government Universities.

▪️ Students from Arab and foreign countries and Egyptians who have equivalency certificates.

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