Al Sobki: The Health Care Authority has adopted a clear strategy in providing safe services to patients

Dr. Ahmed El Sobky, Head of the Health Care Authority of the Comprehensive Health Insurance System, confirmed that the Health Care Authority adopted a clear strategy and took many steps on scientific basis that strengthened its successful path in providing safe health care to patients and reducing antimicrobial resistance, the most important of which is the Luxor Declaration Agreement on Clinical Governance to ensure rational use of antimicrobials. Antibiotics and safe and effective drug use, strengthening surveillance and research by establishing a drug use assessment and drug appropriateness unit aimed at improving the quality of care and drug efficacy and reducing drug misuse, and other pharmacovigilance units in coordination with the Egyptian Medicines Authority to develop a strategy to reduce the risks of side effects and adverse reactions Medicine, in addition to many initiatives adopted by the authority to increase public awareness of the optimal use of medicines, including the awareness dose initiative for drug safety, as well as the distinguished pharmaceutical practice initiative to govern the use of medicine and rationalize the use of antibiotics to ensure the continued safety and efficacy of medicine, full training of the health team, and the implementation of practices based on Evidence for infection prevention and control, strengthening surveillance and monitoring systems for early detection of resistance and infection, and strengthening international cooperation to exchange information and expertise in this field, to enhance safe care within its health facilities.

During the second conference in a row, to raise awareness of the dangers of excessive use of antibiotics, Al-Sobky added that work has been done on several axes, including controlling and preventing infection through the optimal use of antimicrobials by applying the program for the optimal use of antibiotics through the Department of Pharmaceutical Affairs and Drug Administration, and the development of laboratories Microbiology to identify microbes and treat them accurately, publish scientific evidence on their optimal use and train medical personnel on them, to complete the axes of implementing the strategy for the optimal use of antibiotics from all concerned parties in the health team, including infection control doctors, critical care doctors, pharmacists, microbiological laboratory technicians, nurses and pharmacists, based on the approach The Welfare Authority in consolidating the principle of interest in developing medical personnel and creating an incubating environment for experts and specialists to provide the best health services and achieve a distinguished health renaissance.

A complete surveillance system within 13 hospitals

Al-Sobky indicated that there is a system for complete surveillance within 13 hospitals of the Care Authority in cooperation with the World Health Organization, and the work of the bright spots program for the optimal use of antibiotics in more than 10 hospitals in coordination with the Egyptian Medicines Authority, in addition to that within the framework of Egypt’s commitment to The world of the Muscat Convention at the Third Global Ministerial Conference on Antimicrobial Resistance Health facilities affiliated with the authority submitted their reports of antimicrobial control during the first half of this year, and at a rate greater than agreed upon, as it was agreed on a rate of 60%, and this percentage in our facilities exceeded a rate of up to 70%, which indicates the completion and passing of the target.

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