“Al-Tamween”: The number of stores participating in the summer sale 2023 has increased to 2,600.

A report by the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade revealed that the number of stores participating in the summer sale 2023 has reached 2,600 so far, between private sector stores, public sector stores, and investment stores.

Ahmed Abu Al-Fadl, Director General of the General Administration for Supervision of Commercial Transactions at the Ministry of Supply, confirmed that the summer sale season 2023 is underway, with tighter control over the markets, in implementation of the directives of Dr. Those who want to participate in the sale of shops must go to the Directorates of Supply and Internal Trade located in their district in order to obtain approval, provided that these agencies are committed to announcing the price of the goods offered for sale in the liquidation, accompanied by a statement of the actual price at which these goods were sold during the sale. the month preceding the liquidation.

Discount rates up to 70%
Ahmed Kamal, the official spokesman for the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade and the assistant minister of supply, revealed to Al-Dustour that it is intended that the number of participating stores reach 5,000 stores nationwide by the end of the sale.

Kamal said that the rates of discounts during the current sale range from 50 to 70%, and will continue from August 7 to September 7.

He stressed that there will be strict commercial control from the internal trade sector and the Consumer Protection Agency, to ensure that the percentage of discounts offered to consumers, the quality of goods offered to consumers, and sales invoices in stores are announced.

He pointed out that there is coordination between Dr. Ali Al-Moselhi, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and the various commercial divisions of leather, clothes and shoes, in preparation for the next academic year, with the aim of holding the Welcome Schools exhibition.

He pointed out that the merchant needs the sale just like the consumer needs it, in order to sell the goods he has, directing advice to consumers to demand a sales invoice that proves his purchase of the piece that he obtained from the store participating in the sale, in addition to entering more than one commercial store because everyone competes for discount rates. From 50 to 70%.

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