Ambassador Suha Gendi, we look forward to more cooperation with Cyprus with the “Revive the Roots” initiative

Ambassador Suha Gendi, we look forward to more fruitful cooperation with Cyprus within the presidential initiative “Revive the Roots”

Ambassador Soha Gendy, Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptians Abroad, started her visit to Cyprus by meeting with Cypriot Interior Minister Constantinos Ioannou, at the headquarters of the Cypriot Ministry of the Interior, to discuss strengthening positive cooperation to combat illegal immigration, and providing positive and safe alternatives to limit this phenomenon, within the framework of the international dimension of the presidential initiative. Lifeboats.

The meeting was attended by His Excellency Amr Hamza, Ambassador of Egypt to the State of Cyprus, Sarah Mamoun, Assistant Minister of Immigration for Projects and Conferences Affairs, and the members of the embassy.

The Cypriot Minister of the Interior appreciated this visit, saying: “This official visit is very important because it represents a new stage in the relations between Egypt and Cyprus in the file of illegal immigration and aims to open horizons for deeper and broader cooperation between the two countries in this regard.”

Ambassador Soha Gendi also expressed her welcome and willingness to discuss all areas that would enhance bilateral cooperation in the field of safe immigration, adding that Egypt has made great strides in combating illegal immigration and promoting safe immigration opportunities, referring to the work of the Ministry of Immigration within the framework of the presidential initiative. Lifeboats” to educate young people about the dangers of this phenomenon, in implementation of the mandates of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

The Cypriot Minister of Interior praises the efforts of the Ministry of Immigration and Egypt’s experience in combating illegal immigration

For his part, the Cypriot Minister of Interior praised the Egyptian community in Cyprus with its various categories and its achievement of integration into society. He stressed the welcome to increase the number of Egyptian immigrants to Cyprus legally and within an institutional framework, and the need to face the common challenges that countries face in the field of illegal immigration.

Ambassador Suha Gendy appreciated the continuous development in the Egyptian-Cypriot relations and the progress witnessed by the historical ties that extended between the two friendly countries in recent years at all levels, especially in the fields of energy and electrical interconnection, as well as energy files, as well as joint security exercises, and mutual support positions in various fields. Regional and international forums and organizations, as well as intensive consultation between officials of the two governments on issues and files of common interest, in addition to agreeing to implement many joint projects within the framework of the tripartite cooperation mechanism that brings together Egypt, Cyprus and Greece, “Revive Roots” NOSTOS, which is a model to follow. In popular diplomacy, reviving historical and cultural ties and common roots, and creating a link between expatriates from Mediterranean countries.

In the same context, the Cypriot Minister of Interior indicated that the roots of his family used to live in Alexandria, and he still has family ties there, and that his daughter is studying Egyptology, which reflects the emotional heritage between the three peoples, stressing the importance of the Egyptian-Cypriot relations, and said that countries Such as Cyprus and Greece need to strengthen cooperation with Egypt to combat illegal immigration; Considering Egypt as a wall against illegal immigration for Cyprus and Greece.

In this regard, the Minister of Immigration addressed the role of the Egyptian-German Center for Jobs, Immigration and Reintegration in training and qualifying youth for employment, to give the opportunity to Egyptian youth aspiring to work in Europe and to provide the employment needed by these societies, as the center provides its services to Egyptian youth wishing to immigrate to Germany according to For the professions and standards required in the German labor market, the first integrated guide for travel to Germany was also launched in cooperation with the German Agency for International Cooperation, the Federation of German Industries and the Goethe-Institut.

In the same context, the Cypriot Minister of the Interior praised the efforts of the Ministry of Immigration in this regard, expressing his aspiration to cooperate with the Egyptian Ministry of Immigration in this file, in addition to developing an institutional plan to deal with labor rights, and the importance of codifying them. He also promised to work to protect the rights of Egyptian workers. And support them in facilitating procedures for residency papers and work permits.

For her part, the Minister of Immigration presented some of the challenges facing Egyptian workers with some employers, and their evasion of giving them their rights and material entitlements according to the signed contracts, under the Cypriot Labor Law.

For his part, the Cypriot Minister of Interior promised to intervene in favor of the rights of Egyptian workers, to send campaigns to reveal the conditions of workers in their workplaces, and to monitor any violation of their rights and duties.

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