Arresting an attempt to smuggle a number of narcotic pills at Borg El Arab International Airport

Customs men at Borg El Arab International Airport, headed by Mustafa Elaraby, Director General of Air Ports, managed to seize an attempt to smuggle a number of narcotic pills in violation of the Pharmaceutical Profession Law No. 127 of 1955 and its executive regulations, Import and Export Law No. 118 of 1975 and its executive regulations, and Customs Law No. 207 For the year 2020 and its amendments.

During the completion of the procedures for the passengers arriving on the Al-Arabiya flight coming from Milan, Mai Al-Nashar and Mahmoud Ghoneim, the shift chief, suspected the passenger “R.M.T”, an Egyptian national, of passing his bags on the X-ray scanner, knowing Muhammad Hanish, the suspicion is confirmed.

And by presenting it to Morsi Abdel Sattar, Director of the Customs Department, he decided to form a committee composed of Muhammad Al-Gohary to combat smuggling, Muhammad Jamal Customs Security, and Mai Al-Nashar, the head of the shift, to search the passenger’s luggage, and it was found that there were 14 tapes containing narcotic pills between the folds of his clothes.

Mustafa Al-Arabi, Director General of Air Ports Customs, decided to take legal measures and issue a customs seizure report No. 28 of 2023.

This comes in implementation of the instructions of Shahat Ghaturi, Head of the Customs Authority, and Dr. Sami Ramadan, Head of the Central Administration of Passenger Customs and Duty Free Shops, to tighten control over all airports and customs ports.

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