Assistant Minister of Supply: The turnout for the “Farmers Markets Logo” competition exceeded expectations

Dr. Ibrahim Ashmawy, First Assistant Minister of Supply and Head of the Internal Trade Development Authority, said that the response of creative Egyptian youth to designing a logo for farmers’ markets has achieved numbers that exceeded expectations.

The number of participants in the competition amounted to more than 300 contestants who presented about 400 artistic designs and slogans.

Through an independent and impartial jury that included experts in the field of marketing and artistic designs, the designs submitted by the contestants were filtered and evaluated, and 9 works were selected that adhered to the rules and requirements of the logo, and then the owners of these designs will be invited to make a second and final screening to choose the winners of the first three places During the first week of September.

Ashmawy added that this competition revealed the richness of ideas of Egyptian youth and their creative abilities.

He concluded that the nine winners will be notified through the website dedicated to the competition to hold individual meetings with the committee, in order to urge them to produce the final design with all its applications during the current month of September.

The idea of ​​the farmer’s market project

The official website of the Ministry of Supply published the terms of the competition, as it is summed up in the idea of ​​the farmers’ markets project from a modern market structure to ensure the arrival of good and secure commodities to the consumer, in a direct manner complementing the major industrial and agricultural markets, in order to achieve and create a sustainable food system, which is a major goal of the global sustainable development goals. (SDGs) and is in line with market mechanisms, and works to maximize farm profits.

This comes in light of the direction of the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade to bring about a qualitative shift in the internal trade system, which will positively affect directly the agricultural system and the desired rapprochement between rural and urban areas, in light of the state’s interest in farmers and the agricultural production sector to develop the agricultural economy, as well as the development of entrepreneurship and thought among Farmers and owners of authentic local handicrafts, as farmers’ markets will be established in a number of governorates to offer agricultural products directly from farmers to consumers, which will enhance communication between farmers and consumers and reduce the cultural gap between rural and urban areas.

Objectives of the “Farmers’ Markets” project in Egypt

The objectives of the project include the provision and availability of agricultural products from farmers and locally made handmade products from producers to the consumer directly, which leads to reducing trading circles and increasing the quality of the product while ensuring that it is offered in the markets at good prices and maximizing the role of farmers and facilitating the access and sale of their products through a professional administrative system Increasing and improving the markets of farmers and craftsmen by building an efficient administrative system that serves all participants through training and educating them and raising their marketing and selling capabilities.

Target groups

Local farmers and producers, as well as consumers from the community and agricultural associations, in addition to workers in the fish farm system.

Requirements for the winning design:

The design should visually and briefly express the activity of the “Farmers’ Markets” project.

The colors used in the design express the identity of the activity.

The design should achieve a visual and marketing identity for the activity.

The design must contain the words “Farmers Markets” and Farmers Markets clearly and legibly in both Arabic and English.

The design should be innovative and reflect the concept of farmers’ markets.

The design should not be similar or similar to any other designs.

The design should be in a high-resolution format.

The design should be submitted in electronic format (PDF or AI).

The design should take into account all uses in all visual, print and digital media.

The submitted offer should include a color copy, in addition to a black and white copy.

The design should be suitable for use horizontally and vertically.

The presentation should include an explanation of the designer’s idea of ​​achieving the visual and marketing identity of the logo.

The general frame of the design should be at a ratio of 1:1, and the empty space around the design should be 20% of the frame area.

The submitted offer should include all contact information with the designer.

Individuals or companies can apply to participate in the competition.

Similar or quoted designs are excluded.

Each individual or company is allowed to submit only one design.

Fifthly, the prizes:

A financial reward will be allocated to the best three designs according to the following:
The first prize is 75,000 pounds.

The second prize is an amount of 40,000 pounds.

The third prize is an amount of 35 thousand pounds.

Egyptian individuals or companies can apply to participate in the competition, and the designs are for this competition only, and have not been previously evaluated or presented in other competitions, and the designs are innovative and distinct and designed and produced by the contestant himself. The design is wholly owned by the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade while it reserves the right to Make any future modification to the design without referring to the designer, and any post published before the official announcement will be excluded. Inquiries should be sent to the e-mail. [email protected] .

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