Aswan.. witnessing a dust storm and strong winds sweeping the tourist city of Abu Simbel

Today, Wednesday, the tourist city of (Abu Simbel), south of Aswan, witnessed sudden changes in the weather, as a dust storm and strong fog covered the city’s sky and obscured vision.

The General Authority for Meteorology indicated that the weather in Aswan will witness changes and warned the leaders of the need to take the necessary measures.
Aswan Governorate warned motorists on the international road “Aswan-Abu Simbel” and the border roads Arqin and Qastal, to be careful while driving during that period of the storm. The city of Abu Simbel began to witness changes in the weather since last night.

Temperatures expected tomorrow

The Meteorological Authority expects that the weather will witness, tomorrow, Thursday, hot and humid weather during the day in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt and the northern coasts, very hot in southern Sinai and southern Upper Egypt, moderately hot and humid at night in the north of the country to northern Upper Egypt, tilted to heat in southern Sinai and southern Upper Egypt. .

The Meteorological Authority also expects that tomorrow will witness a rise in humidity levels throughout the day that increases the sense of the weather’s heat, and wind activity in some areas, which helps to soften the atmosphere that is exciting sand and dust in the far south of the country, and chances of light rain that may sometimes be thunderous in areas of the south. Sinai and areas south of the Red Sea mountain ranges, Halayeb and Shalatin, and low clouds appear in the morning over areas of Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt and the northern coasts, which helps to soften the atmosphere.

Tomorrow, it is expected that there will be a disturbance in maritime navigation on the Red Sea, and the waves will rise from 2.5:3 meters, and navigation will also be disturbed in the Gulf of Suez, and the wind speed will range from 50:70 km per hour, and the wave height will range from 2.5:3.5 meters.

And as for the temperatures, tomorrow, Thursday: Cairo, high 33 degrees, felt 35 degrees, low 24 degrees, Alexandria high 31 and low 23 degrees, Matrouh high 32 degrees and low 22 degrees, Sohag high 40 degrees and low 25 degrees, Qena high 43 degrees and low 27 degrees, Aswan The high is 44 degrees, the tangible is 45, and the low is 29 degrees.

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