Available now.. Forecasts for the coordination of the third stage, literary, 2023, by grades

With the start of registering the desires of the third stage for high school students, students and parents were keen to know the coordination of the third literary stage 2023 with grades via Google, and the third stage began with the general secondary coordination next week, especially since the high school exams ended in the second round, and it is worth noting that the result will be announced Next week, and after that, the coordination of the third stage will be announced directly, with a minimum of 50%.

Forecasts for the coordination of the third stage literary 2023 in degrees

In these coming lines, Al-Dustour reviews the coordination of the third stage, Literary 2023, with grades, and the expectations of the available colleges.

Expectations of the colleges of the third stage literary 2023

Regarding the expectations of the colleges of the third stage, the Literary Division 2023, if the Ministry of Higher Education in Egypt and Scientific Research announced all vacant places for the Literary Division for the year 2023, there are some colleges that will be available to literary students, including the College of Physical Education, as well as the College of Specific Education.

Coordination of the third stage 2023 literary

The minimum for the third stage coordination 2023 will be literary, with a total success rate of 205 degrees, i.e. 50%, and submission will be through the high school coordination website, and that will be done by following these steps:

  1. Go to the “High School Coordination Website” (press from here).
  2. After that, the user puts the “seating number”, as well as the “password” and “identification number”.
  3. The student clicks on the word “Login”.
  4. All his data will appear in front of the student
  5. He now requires arranging the colleges and institutes he will want to attend.
  6. The number of wishes comes to about 75.
  7. After that, you will click on save data and enter the “seat number” and “password”.
  8. It also requires putting the “e-mail” and “phone number” of the student.

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Coordination of the third stage.. Available places for students of the literary section 2023

Coordination of the third stage 2023 literary

  • Quality musical education Damietta.
  • Quality artistic education Aswan.
  • Education Division of Art Education Suez.
  • Physical Education Boys Matrouh.
  • Quality Education, Educational Theater Division, Mansoura.
  • Physical Education, Suez Girls.
  • A quality musical education, Ain Shams.
  • Higher Institute of Administrative Sciences, Oseem, Giza.
  • A quality musical education in the south of the valley.
  • Education quality musical Mansoura.
  • Physical Education New Valley Girls.
  • Physical education boys new valley.
  • Quality musical education Sohag.
  • Physical Education, Boys, Suez.
  • Physical education girls south of the valley.
  • Al Aali Tourism and Hotels Mokattam.
  • Physical education for boys, Kafr El-Sheikh.
  • Physical education girls Kafr El-Sheikh.
  • Quality musical education Aswan.
  • Physical education girls Assiut.
  • Physical education boys Assiut.
  • Physical education girls of the Suez Canal in Ismailia.
  • Physical education boys south of the valley.
  • Education of the quality of music in Mansoura, Mit Ghamr.

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