“Awqaf” and “Organization and Administration” agree to form a committee to conduct oral exams for the successful imams competition

Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar Gomaa, Minister of Awqaf, received Dr. Saleh Al-Sheikh, Head of the Central Agency for Organization and Administration, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Awqaf in the Administrative Capital. Where they discussed the next steps to complete the competition for filling 1,000 positions as an imam and preacher in the ministry, and they agreed to form a committee to conduct oral interviews for those who succeeded in the electronic exam, in light of the foundations laid down by the selection committee formed in the agency in accordance with the Civil Service Law, after the Central Agency for Organization and Administration made available today, Wednesday, the possibility of inquiring applicants. About the result of the electronic exam on the government jobs portal.

Examination system

The Minister of Awqaf affirmed that the ministry and the agency emphasized the philosophy of the examination system and the stages that the applicant should go through, which is characterized by integrity, transparency and equal opportunities, and contributes to the accurate measurement of the capabilities of the applicants, to reach the ultimate goal, which is to choose the most efficient candidates for the competition to fill the public position.

The Minister of Awqaf appealed to applicants for appointment as an imam in the ministry, with the need to prepare well for the competition and review the memorization of the Noble Qur’an, in addition to further review in the legal sciences, especially jurisprudence, the sciences of the Noble Qur’an and the sciences of hadith, with the necessity of knowing the general information that the conscious imam who is aware of the importance of his role should know. Enlightenment in society through the dissemination of enlightened moderation thought.

For his part, Dr. Saleh Al-Sheikh explained that the device has finished conducting the electronic exam for the applicants for the competition, where the applicants underwent an exam consisting of several axes that include behavioral competencies, linguistic competencies (which include Arabic, and one of the foreign languages ​​that the applicant states that he is fluent in), and technological and cognitive competencies (which include computer tests, and general information), in addition to the specialization test for the job the candidate is applying for.

And the Ministry of Endowments had announced a competition to fill the position of 1,000 imams, 1,000 mosque workers, at the beginning of the current year 2023, followed by the launch of written exams in the first week of next July, in addition to oral exams in the last week of the same month.



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