Damietta Supply Authority: 1226 various reports were issued during last August

The Directorate of Supply and Internal Trade in Damietta launched many joint campaigns with the veterinary medicine, health control and follow-up department on markets and shops.

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The campaigns resulted in the seizure and release of 1,226 violations during the past month of August, including 101 violations in the field of subsidized municipal bread production for violating the legally prescribed weights and specifications, imaginary beatings on the bakery machine without real production, and disposing of the subsidized flour for a purpose other than its intended purpose. Report No. 11311 misdemeanor of Kafr Saad for disposing of 65 checks of flour weighing 50 kilograms, as well as record No. 7188 misdemeanor of Kafr al-Batikh for disposing of 121 checks, and 45 checks of fortified flour were seized in Tabaki bakeries, whose circulation is prohibited outside the subsidy system.

In the field of markets and public shops, 1,125 violation reports were issued for not announcing prices in a visible place to the public, and for committing the crime of selling for more than the official price, including 10 reports of more than the official price of cigarette packages, and the seizure of 5 bottles of unknown origin at the disposal of the Public Prosecution, in addition to To the number of 15 minutes in the field of combating commercial fraud for offering for sale expired goods that are not suitable for human consumption, and the reservation of quantities of 233 kg of meat products, 18 expired pastrami molds, 15 kg of poultry and 39 kg of poultry parts, 5 kg of Hawawshi dough, 27 kg of frozen fish (no It is suitable for human consumption and is at the disposal of the Public Prosecution on the protection of its records).

The collection of 243 ration cards was seized at Hadd Al-Badaleen, and 41 pallets of ration sugar weighing 20 kg were seized, and it is forbidden to be circulated outside the supply system. The necessary legal measures were taken regarding the violations, and they were referred to the Public Prosecution Office for action.

This comes in implementation of the directives of Dr. Ali Al-Moselhi, Minister of Supply, to intensify control over markets and public stores to protect consumers from greed, fraud, and overpriced practices.

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