Director of the Africa Centers for Disease Control praises Egypt’s experience in combating antimicrobial resistance

Dr. Jean Cassia, Director General of the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, stressed the importance of combating antimicrobial resistance and infection control in health facilities, pointing out that it constitutes a global challenge that threatens human health, and calls for comprehensive cooperation between countries and health institutions. He stressed that Egypt has taken important steps in this field, as it attaches great importance to the issue and works to strengthen its capabilities in combating antimicrobial resistance and infection in health facilities.

The Director-General made a speech during the second consecutive conference, to raise awareness of the dangers of overuse of antibiotics, under the auspices of His Excellency the Minister of Health and Population, in the presence of the President’s Advisor for Health and Prevention, heads of health agencies, the Director-General of the African Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the representative of the World Health Organization in Egypt.

Controlling antimicrobial resistance and infection requires the implementation of systematic and comprehensive actions

He pointed out that combating antimicrobial resistance and infection requires the implementation of systematic and comprehensive measures, including raising awareness and training for workers in health facilities, and strengthening national policies and guidelines for the responsible and effective use of antimicrobials. He also pointed out the importance of developing surveillance and monitoring systems for early detection of resistance and infection. Enhancing international cooperation to exchange information and experiences in this field.

The Director General expressed his great admiration for the steps taken by Egypt and the Health Care Authority in combating antimicrobial resistance and infection, as health facilities in the country work diligently to achieve the highest standards of quality and health safety. He pointed out that the Health Care Authority has made remarkable progress in enhancing awareness of combating resistance, implementing training programs for health personnel, and strengthening cooperation with the concerned authorities.

The Director General stressed the importance of continuing efforts in combating antimicrobial resistance and infection, and strengthening local and international cooperation and partnerships in this regard. He called for the need to intensify efforts and exchange experiences and knowledge to combat this global health challenge, and to secure a healthy future for future generations.

It is worth noting that during the conference, the latest developments in research and practices in the field of antimicrobial resistance will be highlighted through a set of key sessions and practical seminars that will cover multiple topics presented by experts, most notably an interactive session on multilateral efforts in addressing antimicrobial resistance and infection control. And a Pfizer company symposium on the role of microbiology in antibiotic resistance, given by Prof. Dr. Amani El-Khouly, Professor of Clinical Pathology, Cairo University, and a symposium on hospital approaches to infection control, delivered by Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mokhtar, Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care and President of the Egyptian Antimicrobial Society.

The conference program will include scientific presentations and detailed discussions on strategies to reduce antimicrobial resistance in the facilities of the Health Care Authority, and the development of principles for the use of antibiotics in the community, with Prof. Dr. Sherif Kamal, Advisor to the President of the Health Care Authority for Pharmaceutical Affairs and Drug Administration, in addition to scientific presentations and discussions on improving prevention and infection control in these facilities, with Dr. Omar Talha, Director of the Authority’s Infection Control Department.

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