Drinking water: Water was cut off from some areas in Cairo for a period of 12 hours

The Cairo Drinking Water Company announced that water will be cut off from the areas: (Ain Shams, Heliopolis, Nasr City, and the Tenth District), starting from 10:00 pm on Friday, corresponding to 9/1/2023, until 10:00 am, on Saturday, corresponding to 2/ 9/2023, for 12 hours.

Causes of water outages

The company attributed the reason for the interruption to carrying out work to divert the water line with a diameter of 1200 mm on Abdel Hamid Badawy Street, in front of the Military College.

The company calls upon the owners of bakeries and hospitals in the aforementioned places to provide for their water needs during the interruption period. The company has paid for drinking water cars that are distributed free of charge in the affected areas, and in case of request, call the hotline 125, or communicate via the WhatsApp service at 01206665125.

In a different context, the Beheira Drinking Water and Wastewater Company organized an educational seminar in the main hall of the company’s main training center. For training in the practice of underwater diving, as this symposium was organized to educate and train the largest group of the company’s employees in the stations, networks and branches by a group of leaders of the International School of Diving. This was stated by Eng. Muhammad Saeed Nashat, Head of the Drinking Water and Wastewater Company in the lake.

Nashat explained that training took place in the practice of underwater diving, taking into account all the expected risks, in order to qualify the technical worker when descending to repair a broken line or blockage in a sewage line or repair in a sewage station, in the shortest time to fix the technical fault.

He stressed that this idea came in cooperation with experts specialized in the field of diving to reduce work-related injuries in sewage, indicating that the training was conducted by presenting theoretical lectures at the company’s training center, and practically at the outlet of the 4-hold station for application with special equipment and machines and a diving allowance, and how to achieve the level of safety for the worker, and avoid mistakes Technical, pointing out that the company always seeks to provide the latest technologies and systems to maintain the security and safety of our children and to develop training methods.

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