“Education” opens the door for qualified teachers and administrators to join the “Ibda Schools” team

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education announced the opening of the door for submission for teachers and administrators wishing to join the work team of the “Ibdaa” National Schools for Technical Sciences in my city (Badr / Damietta), during the period from 8/23/2023 to 9/2/2023, via the website. The official Ministry of Education and Technical Education, through this Link

The Ministry stated that the “Ibdaa” schools in the two cities (Badr / Damietta) are the beginning of a group of new schools nationwide in many disciplines. Schools seek to change the mental image of technical and technical education in society, and highlight its role in supporting economic and social development in Egypt.

The ministry indicated that joining the national schools of technical sciences “Ibdaa” provides many advantages, including working in an educational environment that enjoys discipline and keeps pace with global technological development, security and safety requirements, and the application of international quality standards, providing personal protective clothing and uniforms for practical training for all trainers, in addition to Providing periodic trainings to train and raise the efficiency of teachers, trainers, and administrators to keep pace with international accreditation standards, and obtain material incentives related to the quality of performance, as well as the official representation of schools and training centers affiliated with the project in conferences and exhibitions.

The Ministry also clarified that the conditions for joining the work teams of the National Schools of Technical Sciences “Ibdaa” are as follows:

• The age of the applicant should not exceed 55 years in October 2023
• The application is available for employees of government and government schools, languages ​​and departments.
• It is possible to apply for the positions of teachers of cultural subjects from teachers of general and technical education.
• Applications for specialized technical positions are available to technical education teachers only.
• Those who pass the exams will be dealt with by the delegation system from the employer.
• In the case of referring to academic certificates or experience certificates, it is necessary to make sure that these papers are approved by their official authorities, and whoever violates this exposes himself to legal accountability and final exclusion without referring to the Ministry with any legal right.
The applicant must fill out the application form Link



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