Education: Operations room report for the fifth day of the second round exams for high school

This morning, high school students in the scientific section (science and mathematics) took the second round exam for the current academic year 2022/2023 in the subject “Physics”, with a total number of (19794) students. History”, with a total number of (4115) students before (277) examination committees at the level of the Republic.

The students of the Schools of Excellence also took the exam “Ready for admission to universities (the second foreign language) for the first period, with a number of (4) students, and the concepts measures (the second foreign language)” for the second period, with a number of (4) students.

Mr. Khaled Abdel Hakam, Head of the Central Administration for Combating Educational Dropout and Vice President of the General Secondary Examinations, was keen, before the start of the exam, to communicate with all the directors of the educational directorates present in the local operations rooms, and was also assured of the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Interior; To secure the headquarters of traffic committees in all governorates.

The vice president of high school exams confirmed that all stages of working on high school exams are fully insured, starting with transferring them from the exam booklet distribution centers to the examination committees, and then to the system and monitoring committees.

He stressed the need to ensure that students enter the committees without any electronic devices, and that they do not use any of the various means of cheating, and the need to use the electronic stick to search students while entering the committees, and to address any attempts to cheat, and to take legal measures regarding any violations that occur in exams.

During the fifth day, the exam atmosphere went well and in a disciplined manner, without any problems that would disturb the exam process. .

The members of the electronic fraud control team in the central operations room were able to monitor (2) cases of electronic fraud, as a student was arrested in (Kafral El-Sheikh) governorate, and a student in (Damietta) governorate, and the used phones were seized, and the necessary legal measures were taken against these aforementioned students. And the application of Ministerial Resolution No. (34) of 2018 regarding regulating the conditions for exam cancellation and deprivation from it, and Law No. (205) of 2020 regarding combating acts of breaching exams.

It is worth noting that tomorrow, Thursday, August 24, 2023, high school students, in both divisions (literary and scientific), will take the “First Foreign Language” exam, while students of the Schools of Excellence will take the “Concept Measures (Chemistry)” exam.

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