“Education” rejects all requests to transfer high school students in Sohag

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education addressed the Directorate of Education in Sohag Governorate regarding the transfers of students in the third year of general secondary school, in the next academic year 2023/2024.

The ministry said, in its letter to its directorate in Sohag, that it was refused to accept any transfers between schools or departments within the Directorate of Education in Sohag, due to the lack of compelling reasons that necessitate these numbers of transfers, according to what the Central Committee for examining the transfers of third-year secondary school students for the academic year 2023 saw. / 2024, and to decide on it based on the documents submitted.

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“Education” is fighting the “senior committees” in Sohag

Earlier, Dr. Reda Hijazi, Minister of Education and Technical Education, said that a decision was issued to prevent transfers in the third secondary grade except through a committee in the ministry with the aim of preventing “senior committees” in the general secondary exams, stressing that “the most dangerous thing is that the student gets Unjustly graded, and we are monitoring that very well.”

The Ministry of Education has taken a number of steps to prevent cheating in high school exams in Sohag governorate, including limiting transfers between schools and educational departments, placing surveillance cameras inside a number of committees, summoning observers and observers from outside the governorate in those committees, and deploying additional security forces within the committees. And in front of it, with the aim of securing the exit of “observers” and “observers” during entry and exit from the committees, especially at the schools of Yahya Al-Hajer’s children and Abdel Hamid Radwan Elementary School in Dar Al-Salam Center in Sohag.


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