El-Gazzar follows up the progress of “green housing” works in the capital’s parks

Dr. Assem El-Gazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, continued the progress of the implementation of the “green housing” units within the presidential initiative “housing for all Egyptians” in the low-income axis in the Capital Gardens City, whose areas range between 75 and 90 square meters per unit, in which more people participate in its implementation. From 60 contracting companies specialized in this field.

Green housing project

Engineer Alaa Abdallah, Head of the Capital Gardens City Development Authority, explained that the “green housing” project will include 9,000 housing units (402 buildings) that are environmentally friendly, and its implementation is supervised by accredited supervisory bodies, to ensure the quality of work, and it is considered one of the important projects in the city’s housing sector. It is characterized by the use of environmentally friendly materials such as white mortar, which reduces the absorption of heat inside the unit, in addition to the exploitation of solar energy on the roofs of buildings, as it is scheduled to save 30% of energy and water consumption, and the gray water will be recycled to irrigate crops and green spaces, and the project is also distinguished The density of green spaces, which is an outlet for the population.

sustainable green trails

The head of the Capital Gardens City Authority indicated that sustainable green paths and sustainable transportation paths were implemented, and the types of plants that grow horizontally were chosen to benefit from their shadows, and the use of soil that saves water consumption, and taking into account the movement of people with special needs and the implementation of ramps at the entrance of each building, and bicycle paths. About more than 5 km long in different regions.

Engineer Alaa Abdullah confirmed that the officials of the companies executing the project were warned to increase employment and intensify work at sites to increase the completion rates of the project, in addition to directing to hold periodic meetings with the operating companies, to overcome any obstacles that may face the project, and to supply the materials necessary for construction and finishes, and that the implementation be done with the required quality and in accordance with For the instructions of the supervisory body, so that the units can be delivered to their barriers with the required quality, and the necessity of observing the occupational safety and health rules for the project workers.

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