El Sobky: The rational use of antimicrobials is a shared responsibility of society as a whole

Dr. Ahmed Al-Sobky, Head of the Health Care Authority of the Comprehensive Health Insurance System, confirmed that the World Health Organization has made great efforts with the Health Care Authority in developing implementation plans to implement the antimicrobial resistance program in health facilities, within the framework of the global trend to address the use of antimicrobials, and train medical personnel to inform them On the latest global developments in this field, referring to training by the WHO team for the infection control team, physicians, pharmacists, and microbiology laboratory doctors, in order to use the World Health Organization in recording the results of microbiological laboratories to make an antibiogram, which is a compilation of all microbiological laboratories and results in optimal use and an indication of ratios Success in treatment and optimal use of antibiotics and what antimicrobial drugs can be resisted, including documenting and collecting results at the end of the year to determine how to purchase antibiotics and how to develop treatment plans according to each health facility and the departments within it, which confirms the success and effectiveness of the use of antibiotics or antimicrobials in this facility And the department, and thus we have used all kinds of strategies for the optimal use of antimicrobials according to international standards.

The United Nations commended the role played by the Public Authority for Health Care

During the second consecutive conference to raise awareness of the dangers of overuse of antibiotics, he added that the United Nations praised the role played by the General Authority for Health Care in hosting the “Luxor Declaration” to implement clinical governance in the new comprehensive health insurance system, with the participation of the three bodies in the comprehensive health insurance system, and under the auspices of the World Health Organization. and the Ministry of Health and Population, which ensures adherence to numerous controls for the governance of drug use in general, and the rationalization of the use of antibiotics in particular, to ensure the provision of safe health services of international quality.

He continued: The rational use of antimicrobials is a shared responsibility of individuals, families, health workers and the private sector, and that the second medical conference of the Health Care Authority for the optimal use of antibiotics and infection control is an ideal platform for exchanging experiences, knowledge, advanced research and practical solutions, stressing the importance of concerted efforts to achieve the goals of sustainable development. Reducing antibiotic resistance, enhancing aspects of innovation, increasing investments in conducting practical research, and carrying out research and development activities related to the development of medicines, vaccines, antimicrobial diagnostics and infection control, to protect health, health security, health and development stability, and to achieve a safe and decent life.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Sobky indicated that the launch of this important conference comes within the framework of the Health Care Authority’s commitment to enhancing the level of health care and developing modern knowledge and practices in the field of antimicrobial use and infection control. The conference brings together a variety of experts and those interested in the medical field to deliver lectures and participate in fruitful discussions to exchange knowledge and experiences and enhance cooperation between doctors, pharmacists, nurses, researchers and specialists in this field, stressing that it is a great opportunity to communicate with each other to learn about the latest innovations and research in this important field.

Al-Sobky continued: We look forward to sharing our knowledge and experiences with everyone through this pioneering event in the field of antimicrobials and infection control, and we thank all the supporters and partners who contributed to the realization of this important event, to achieve great progress in achieving our common goal of enhancing patient safety and improving the quality of health care.

Dr. Ahmed El Sobky, Chairman of the Health Care Authority, appreciated the continuous and fruitful cooperation with private pharmaceutical companies operating in Egypt, describing them as a “success partner”, praising the company’s participation and social responsibility and the continuity of its cooperation to support the successes of the Health Care Authority to provide the best services and distinguished health care for insurance beneficiaries. Comprehensive health, stressing the importance of cooperation between the government and private sectors in order to improve the health system and encourage the investment climate in the health sector in Egypt, and to cooperate with health care service providers, governments and societies in order to support and enhance access to reliable and affordable health care around the world.

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