“Environment”: flamingos caught in a cafeteria in Alexandria

Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, issued directives to quickly investigate what was reported on a social networking site about the presence of 5 flamingos in a cafeteria in Sidi Gaber, Alexandria, in poor condition, stressing that all legal measures should be taken against violators.

In this regard, the regional branch of the Ministry of Environment in Alexandria governorate coordinated with the environment and water bodies police, and formed a committee from the branch and officers of the environment police department to inspect the cafeteria and take the necessary legal measures.

The inspection resulted in the presence of 5 flamingos in one of the cafeterias in the Sidi Gaber area without a license, in violation of Article (28) of the Environment Law, which prohibits hunting, killing or catching birds or wild animals without a license according to the tables in the executive regulations of the aforementioned law, as well as It is prohibited to possess, transport, roam, display or sell these birds and animals.

Immediately, the necessary legal measures were taken, a report was issued at the Environmental Police Department regarding the incident, and the seized birds were confiscated and handed over to the Zoo in Alexandria, pending the issuance of the Public Prosecution’s decision to act in this regard.

Set flamingos in a cafeteria

Set flamingos in a cafeteria

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