Extension of application for students returning from Sudanese and Russian universities until September 30

Dr. Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, directed to quickly respond to the appeals of returning students from Russian, Ukrainian and Sudanese universities who have not yet been able to submit their papers to enroll in private and private Egyptian universities.

Dr. Muhammad Helmy Al-Ghar, Secretary-General of the Councils of Private and Private Universities, announced that private and private universities have been constantly addressed to open the door for returning students from Sudanese, Russian and Ukrainian universities whose papers have not been received yet, to allow them the opportunity to enroll in private and private universities, provided that all conditions are met. And the controls approved by the Councils of Private and Private Universities in this regard, with the inclusion of these students in the placement exams to be held during the month of September or the dates of other placement exams if necessary.

Students must adhere to submitting their papers with all required conditions and controls, which include:

First.. Mandatory Administrative Identification Documents:
High school completion certificate.
– A certificate of enrollment in the academic year 2022/2023, “the valid Karniya is considered as a document of enrollment.”
Movement certificate stating residence in Sudan even before last Ramadan, i.e. until March 2023.

Second.. Scientific supporting documents, including:
Approved scientific content.
Certified transcript.

In the event that the scientific supporting documents are not available to make a clearing for the student, the student’s guardian signs a declaration regarding the student’s educational level, in which he will take the placement test.

And the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research had announced that due to the delay in the arrival of some certificates of students who obtained foreign equivalent certificates for this year 2023, Dr. In the interests of the students and to provide them with the opportunity to submit their papers to the Coordination Office at its main headquarters in the University City of Ain Shams University.

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